Research is carried out in practical and theoretical aspects of wireless networks, data networks and queueing systems.
Simulations are done in ns2, Qualnet, Glomosim and Opnet.

Research areas faculty-member-wise:

Prof. Abhay Karandikar

  • CDMA wireless networks
  • QoS guarantees in Communication Networks

    * Admission Control
    * Scheduling
    * Traffic regulation
  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
    * MAC layer
    * Routing
    * TCP
  • Traffic Engineering (MPLS)
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Digital Communications


Prof. Vishal Sharma

  • - Metro/Access network design and

  • - Wireless/Wired network convergence

  • - Extension of wireline QoS techniques to wireless

    * Scheduling
    * Traffic management
    * Traffic engineering

  • - Theory and design of high-performance switch/router architectures


Prof.Prasanna Chaporkar

  • - Resource Allocation and scheduling in wired/wireless networks

  • - Optimization and control of stochastic system

  • - Distributed systems and algorithms



We are equipped with a Lyrtech DSP/FPGA development platform (TMS320C6701 / Virtex-II-based SignalMaster), Intel Xeon Dual Processor, dozen P4 machines (dual boot), ZigBee kits and a laser printer. We also have a mini-library consisting of books in data networks, wireless networks and the Froehlich/Kent encyclopedia of telecommunications.