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Full-length papers:

  1. DIscovery and REgistration Protocol:for Device and Person Identity Management in IoT
  2. Marco Lobe Kome, Mariem Graa, Frederic Cuppens, Nora Cuppens and Vincent Frey.

  3. Dark domain name attack: A new threat to Domain Name System
    Bold Munkhbaatar, Mamoru Mimura and Hidema Tanaka.

  4. wIDS a multilayer IDS for Wireless-based SCADA
    Lyes Bayou, David Espes, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia and Frédéric Cuppens

  5. Modelling and Mitigation of Cross-Origin Request Attacks on FIM (Federated Identity Management) Using CORP (Cross Origin Request Policy)
    Akash Agrawall, Shubh Maheshwari, Projit Bandyopadhyay and Venkatesh Choppella.

  6. Heavy Log Reader: Learning the Context of Cyber Attacks Automatically with Paragraph Vector
    Mamoru Mimura and Hidema Tanaka.

  7. A Secure Anonymous E-Voting System Using Identity-Based Blind Signature Scheme
    Mahender Kumar, C.P. Katti and P.C. Saxena.

  8. Leveraging Man-in-the-middle DoS Attack with Internal TCP Retransmissions in Virtual Network
    Son Nguyen Duc, Mamoru Mimura and Hidema Tanaka.

  9. Hiding Kernel Level Rootkits Using Buffer Overflow and Return Oriented Programming
    Amrita Honap and Wonjun Lee.

  10. On Automated Detection of Multi-Protocol Attacks using AVISPA
    Varun Garg and Anish Mathuria.

  11. Malicious Application Detection on Android with Enhanced Static-Dynamic Analysis
    Sandeep Rai, Rushang Dhanesha, Sreyans Nahata and Bernard Menezes.

  12. Experimenting similarity-based hijacking attacks detection and response in Android Systems
    Anis Bkakria, Mariem Graa, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Frédéric Cuppens and Jean-Louis Lanet

  13. SEMFS: Secure & Efficient Multi-keyword Fuzzy Search for Cloud Storage
    Sanjeet Kumar Nayak and Somanath Tripathy.

  14. Towards Generalization of Privacy Policy Specification and Property-based Information Leakage
    Dileep Kumar Koshley, Sapana Rani and Raju Halder.

  15. On De-synchronization of User Pseudonyms in Mobile Network
    Md Mohsin Ali Khan, Kimmo Jarvinen, Philip Ginzboorg and Valtteri Niemi.

  16. Human-on-the-loop Automation for Detecting Software Side-Channel Vulnerabilities
    Ganesh Ram Santhanam, Benjamin Holland, Suresh Kothari and Nikhil Ranade.

  17. The Challenge of Aadhaar
    Ajinkya Rajput and K. Gopinath.

  18. Privacy-Preserving Proxy Re-encryption with Fine-grained Access Control
    Payal Chaudhari, Manik Lal Das and Dipankar Dasgupta.

Short papers:

  1. An enhanced blacklist method to detect phishing websites
    Srinivasa Rao and Alwyn Pais.

  2. Parallelized Common Factor Attack on RSA
    Vineet Kumar, Aneek Roy, Sourya Sengupta and Sourav Sen Gupta.

  3. Secure Random Encryption for Deduplicated Storage
    Jay Dave, Shweta Saharan, Parvez Faruki, Vijay Laxmi and Manoj Gaur.

  4. Semi Supervised NLP Based Classification of Malware Documents
    Mayukh Rath, Shivali Agarwal and Rudrapatna Shyamasundar.

  5. MalDetec: A Non-Root Approach for Dynamic Malware Detection in Android
    Nachiket Trivedi and Manik Lal Das.

  6. Performance attacks on branch predictors in embedded processors with SMT support
    Moumita Das, Ansuman Banerjee, Nitesh Kumar Singh and Bhaskar Sardar.