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26th Sept: For details about 1st course project and Python practice problems, please visit:

26th Sept: Please see the famous paper by Greg Wilson and others about

best practices for scientific computing.

29th Aug: The test tonight (Monday, 29th Aug) is for 20 minutes and to be appeared anytime between 8:30pm to 9:30pm. The slides for the latex lecture are available at

http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~belur/sdes/files/latex.pdf and the tex file used in the class is kept at


2nd Aug: We will have another bash test sometime soon (night post 8:30pm). In future, if the server hangs beyond 10 minutes, please consider the test cancelled. Also visit this page to see announcements. Moodle emails don't come immediately. (It is awkward for us that students keep trying for an hour or so.) There is a bash assignment: submit this by Monday 8th Aug morning 8am. http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~belur/sdes/bash-exercise16.html

Useful bash resources: https://www.pcwdld.com/bash-cheat-sheet and (our own) https://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~belur/foss/bash/

1st Aug: There were server issues due to which the bash test didn't happen smoothly for many students. Something will be worked out for all students again. Apologies.

27th July: Please practise the problems on Using-Linux-Tools and bash kept at http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~belur/sdes/files/exercises-ult-bash-basic.txt We will have a test on Thursday (28th July) either in the class or later. Read the remaining slides (link below in the announcement of 21st July). More about pipe (|) and ampersand (&) and also "AND" (&&) can be found at: http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Lists. Thanks to Ashwith for pointing out a way to get just the header and also the rest sorted using pipe and &&. See above exercises. More about the pipe in the useful youtube video links he sent me:

  1. Brian Kernighan on the pipeline: https://youtu.be/bKzonnwoR2I
  2. An older and detailed video with a concrete application: https://youtu.be/tc4ROCJYbm0

25th July: All attendees of the course SDES are required to enrol themselves into the AE 663 course on the iitb-moodle (at http://moodle.iitb.ac.in). Please use code "sdes" (without the quotes, all small) when prompted for a code. (Whether you are crediting/auditing AE 425 or not, we will use the moodle only of AE 663 to ensure that only one forum will be active and all assignments/announcements will be only on AE 663 moodle.) An email about this is being sent on 25th July 5pm. In case you didn't get the email, then (and only then) write to me at belur-at-iitb-dot-ac-in. Thank you. -Madhu

21st July: Today's class (at 5:30pm, in LCC 101) will start with Linux-tools and the Bash shell. Please bring your laptops with GNU/Linux installed. With Ubuntu, we can start the terminal using Ctrl-Alt-t, but for other variants, the command might be different. Please look up how to start Bash in your OS and then come to the class. The slides are at: http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~belur/sdes/files/3-ult-basic-bash-slides.pdf

19th July: We had a careful look at the submitted codes and the marks. We have decided the cut-off and there will be no retest.

Venue for all classes: LC 101 (Lecture hall complex: KReSIT side)

Please note:
  • Please bring your own laptops for the test. Help towards installation of necessary packages cannot be provided in the class. Thank you for coming on 17th evening and making good use of the mock-test.
  • Only those participants who qualify the test will be allowed to credit the course. Others can audit or sit-through.
  • CS students (either UG or PG) cannot credit the course. Only the audit option is available to them.

Syllabus for the qualifying test (as sent in the email):

Basic Python:
  • basic types (int, float, complex, bools)
  • basic containers (list, dictionaries)
  • functions, returning output
  • for, while loops, if-elif-else

(Though the course has topics other than Python and Advanced topics within Python, our elimination test is only on Basic Python: in particular the above topics.)

The test will be held on the first day of the class. (As soon as the timetable is announced, this page will be updated. Most likely, the test is on 18th July, Monday, at 5:30pm). The test is on basic python and candidates are required to bring their own laptop for the test and have to have their own laptop throughout the course. Please arrange to borrow a laptop from your friend for each class if you do not have one.

An opportunity for you to try out sample problems is provided for you: please visit CFD lab, ground floor, Aero-Annexe (below HSS dept): between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Please bring your own laptops. We will help you make a login, etc. only. Computers are being provided neither for the sample test (on Sunday evening) nor for the main test (on Monday evening).

Here is a link for you to see two examples of python questions: one correct and two wrong answers per question. http://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/~belur/sdes/July16sample.html

In order to help us plan the qualifying test better, please fill the following google form: http://goo.gl/forms/k6dCHC3Sw0IBZv6z1

This form will only help us conduct the test better: no decision is going to be taken based on this information.

Some frequently asked questions:

Course syllabus in brief:

Details about the above topics can be found from our previous course website: http://www.fossee.in/sdes-iitb

Madhu (on behalf of all instructors: Prof. Prabhu Ramachandran, Prof. Kumar Appaiah)

Page updated on 16th May, 2022