1. Naval Research Board has sponsored 2-year project to research upon HPC issues in circuit simulation, multimedia computing and general scientific computing.
  2. 2-year collaboration with Computational Research Labs, Pune in area of supercomputing(2007-2009).
  3. Ongoing collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. in area of high-performance error-correction codes(2006-).
  4. Collaboration with ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) for 8 months just finalized.
  5. 2-year Indo-German Research Collaboration in proposal evaluation stage. The collaboration is supported by DST(Dept. of Sci. and Tech., India) and DFG(German Research Foundation).
  6. Mechatronics Test Equipments India Pvt Ltd has donated various FPGA boards to HPC Lab to test and verify VLSI designs.
  7. Qualcomm has donated 2 16-FPGA Dini boards with supporting software/tools from Aldec, Bluespec, ModelTech and Xilinx.

Specifics of various projects that were carried out in collaboration are found in section on Project Details.