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Day One (December 16, 2002)
Day Two (December 17, 2002)
Day Three (December 18, 2002)
08:30 -  09:30  Registration 09:30 -  10:20 Plenary - III: Detection and Tracking of People under Severe Occlusion: A Multiple Camera Approach - Larry Davis 09:30 -  10:20  Plenary V: Beyond Perspective - Steve Seitz
09:30 -  10:10  Inaugural Session 10:20 -  11:00 Oral Session - III [Recognition and Classification] 10:20 -  11:00  Oral Session - V [Graphics]
10:10 -  11:00  Plenary I: Satellite Imaging Sensors - A S Kiran Kumar 11:00 -  11:20 Tea/Coffee Break 11:00 -  11:20  Tea/Coffee Break
11:00 -  11:30 Tea/Coffee Break 11:20 -  13:00 Oral Session - IV [Multi-scale Processing] 11:20 -  12:20 Oral Session - VI [Applications]
11:30 -  12:50  Oral Session - I [Geometry Based Processing] 13:00 -  14:00 Lunch Break 12:20 -  13:00 Break
12:50 -  14:00 Lunch Break 14:00 -  15:50 Poster Session - II [Recognition & Classification/3D & Multiple View Geometry] 13:00 -  14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 -  15:30  Poster Session - I [Video Processing & Graphics] 15:50 -  16:10 Tea/Coffee Break 14:00 -  15:30 Poster Session - III [Image Processing & Segmentation
15:30 -  15:50  Tea/Coffee Break 16:10 -  17:00 Plenary IV: (B. N. Chatterji Plenary Lecture) Variational Methods in Computer Vision - Olivier Faugeras 15:30 -  16:00 Award & Concluding Session
15:50 -  16:40  Plenary II: Computer Vision and the Art of Special Effects - Steve Sullivan 17:00 -  18:00 Invited Talk: Interactive Rich Media - P Anandan 16:00 -  16:30  High Tea
16:40 -  18:00  Oral Session - II [OCR] 18:00 -  19:00 ICVGIP Organizational Meeting
19:00 -  20:30  Cultural Program - Padmashree Vishwamohan Bhatt 19:00 -  21:00 Director's Dinner
20:30 -  22:00  Conference Banquet - Silver Oak

Papers allotted for sessions

Oral Session 1: Geometry Based Processing  [#114, #154, #285, #286]

 On Using Priors In Affine Matching

V. Govindu and M. Werman

Background Sprite Generation Using MPEG Motion Vectors

R. Venkatesh Babu and K. R. Ramakrishnan

A Simple Method For Interactive 3D Reconstruction And Camera Calibration From A Single View

A. M. Kushal, V. Bansal and S. Banerjee

An Uncalibrated Lightfield Acquisition System

P. Sharma, A. Parashar, S. Banerjee and P. Kalra

Poster Session 1: Video Processing And Graphics

[#103, #115, #135, #145, #172, #183, #206, #218, #227,

 #248,  #261, #268, #272, #275, #281, #284, #295]

 Fast Method For Textual Annotation Of Compressed Video

                A. Jain and S. Chaudhuri

 Task Directed Imaging In Unstructured Environments By Cooperating Robots

                V. A. Sujan

 Generic Video Classification: An Evolutionary Learning Based Fuzzy Theoretic Approach

                R. S. Jadon, S. Chaudhury and K. K. Biswas

 CONDENSATION-Based Predictive EigenTracking

                N. Gupta, P. Mittal, S. Dutta Roy, S. Chaudhury and S. Banerjee

 Compressed Domain Video Resolution Enhancement: Use Of Motion Vectors

                N. Kaulgud, J. Karlekar and U. B. Desai

 Use Of Vertical Face Profiles For Text Dependent Audio-Visual Biometric Person Authentication

                V. Pathangay and B. Yegnanarayana

 Wavelet Based Detection And Modified Pipeline Algorithm For Multiple Point Targets Tracking In Infrared Image Sequences

                M. A. Zaveri, A. Malewar, S. N. Merchant and U. B. Desai

 Opti-GVF Snake Model For Face Segmentation From Video Sequences

                P. K. Biswas and M. Pandit

 Context-Based Interframe Coding Of MR Images

                R. Srikanth and A. G. Ramakrishnan

 Parallel Levenberg-Marquardt-Based Neural Network Training On Linux Clusters A Case Study

                N. N. R. Ranga Suri, D. Deodhare and P. Nagabhushan

 A Statistical Approach To Robust Video Temporal Segmentation

                R. Kumar and V. Devatha

 Face Detection And Recognition In An Image Sequence Using Eigenedginess

                B. S. Venkatesh, S. Palanivel and B. Yegnanarayana

 Enhanced Video Representation Using Objects

                A. Mahindroo, B. Bose, S. Chaudhury and G. Harit

 Synthetic IR Scene Simulation Of Air-Borne Targets

                S. T. More, A. A. Pandit, S. N. Merchant and U. B. Desai

 Geometry Based Connectivity Compression Of Triangular Meshes

                S. Nachiappan, S. Kapoor and P. Kalra

 Improved Tracking Of Facial Features In Head And Shoulder Video Sequences

                S. Sengupta, J. M. Hannah and P. M. Grant

 Effective Object Segmentation In A Traffic Monitoring Application

                A. Bevilacqua

 Oral Session 2: OCR [#258, #292, #319, #321]

 A Cascaded Scheme For Recognition Of Handprinted Numerals

U. Bhattacharya, T. K. Das and B. B. Chaudhuri

 Character Decompositions

S. H. Srinivasan, K. R. Ramakrishnan and S. Budhlakoti

 An Adaptive Character Recogniser For Telugu Scripts Using Multiresolution Analysis And Associative Memory

A. K. Pujari, C. Dhanunjaya Naidu and B. C. Jinaga

 On-Line Digit Recognition Using Off-Line Features

A. Teredesai, E. Ratzlaff, J. Subrahmonia and V. Govindaraju 

 Oral Session 3: Recognition And Classification [#198, #219]

 Improving Object Recognition By Fusion Of Multiple Views

F. Deinzer, J. Denzler and H. Niemann

 Statistical Approaches to Material Classification

                M. Varma and A. Zisserman 

 Oral Session 4: Multi-Scale Processing [#119, #160, #175, #282]

 M-Band Wavelet Based Texture Features For Content Based Image Retrieval

M. Kokare, B. N. Chatterji and P. K. Biswas

 Hue Preserving Color Image Enhancement Using Multi-Scale Morphology

S. Mukhopadhyay and B. Chanda

 Low-Band-Shifted Hierarchical Backward Motion Estimation And Compensation For Wavelet-Based Video Coding

Y. Yuan and M. K. Mandal 

 Improved Encoding Of Wavelet Coefficients Extracted From Multispectral And Hyperspectral Image Data

V. Makkapati and R. Kumar,

 Poster Session 2: Recognition And Classification/3D And Multiple View Geometry

 [#120, #142, #146, #151, #155, #166, #171, #185, #204, #213, #230, #241, #242, #250,
  #252, #299, #317, #322, #325, #334, #336, #341]

 Classification Of Sodar Data Using Fractal Features

                A. Mukherjee, P. Pal and J. Das

 Content Based Image Search Over The World Wide Web

                V. Rathi and A. K. Majumdar

 Attribute Selection For Classificatory Analysis Using A Probabilistic Approach

                A. Ahmad and L. Dey

 Rotation Invariant Color Texture Classification In Perceptually Uniform Color Spaces

                R. Manthalkar, P. K. Biswas and B. N. Chatterji

 ANN Based Colour Detection In Tea Fermentation

                S. Borah, M. Bhuyan and H. Saikia

 Human Face Detection In Cluttered Color Images Using Skin Color And Edge Information

                K. Sandeep and A. N. Rajagopalan

 Representation And Extraction Of Nodal Features Of DevNagri Letters

                R. Kapoor, D. Bagai and T. S. Kamal

 A Biomedical Information System For Combined Content-Based Retrieval Of Spine X-Ray Images And Associated Text Information

                S. Antani, L. R. Long and G. R. Thoma

 Height From Gradient Using Surface Curvature And Area Constraints

                T. Wei and R. Klette

 Recovering Orientation Of A Textured Planar Surface Using Wavelet Transform

                T. Greiner and S. Das

 Dense Stereo Matching Based On Propagation With Voronoi Diagram

                L. Tang, H. T. Tsui and C. K. Wu

 Off-Line Sinhala Handwriting Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models

                S. Hewavitharana, H. C. Fernando and N. D. Kodikara

 Multi-Oriented Text Lines Detection And Their Skew Estimation

                U. Pal, S. Sinha and B. B. Chaudhuri

 Maximum Entropy Models For Skin Detection

                B. Jedynak, H. Zheng, M. Daoudi and D. Barret

 A Symmetry Based Clustering Technique For Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery

                P. Pal and B. Chanda

 Image Retrieval Using One-Sided Linear Prediction Based Texture Modelling

                P. K. Bora and N. Saikia

 Content Based Image Retrieval Using Motif Cooccurence Matrix

                N. Jhanwar, S. Chaudhuri, G. Seetharaman and B. Zavidovique

 Video-Assited Global Positioning in Terrain Navigation: Hough Transform Solution

                H. V. Le, G. Seetharaman and H. Szu

 Feature Selection In Example-Based Image Retrieval Systems

                V. S. Naga Prasad, A. G. Faheema and S. Rakshit

 Algebraic Constraints On Moving Points In Multiple Views

                S. Kuthirummal, C. V. Jawahar and P. J. Narayanan

 Polygonal Approximation Of Closed Curves Across Multiple Views

                M. Pawan Kumar, S. Goyal, C. V. Jawahar and P. J. Narayanan

 Multiview Constraints For Recognition Of Planar Curves In Fourier Domain

                S. Kuthirummal, C. V. Jawahar and P. J. Narayanan

 Oral Session 5: Graphics [#197, #316]

 Advancing Fan-Front: An Efficient Connectivity Compression Technique For Large 3D Triangle Meshes

S. P. Mudur, S. Venkata Babji and D. Shikhare 

 Irregular, Unknown Light Sources In Dynamic Global Illumination

S. Chandran and M. P. Srivastava

 Oral Session 6: Applications [#181, #207, #288]

 Clustering Using Annealing Evolution: Application To Pixel Classification Of Satellite Images

U. Maulik, S. Bandyopadhyay and M. K. Pakhira 

 Classification Of Objects In SAR Images Using Scaling Features

U. S. Ranjan and A. Narayana

 Eye Tracking Using Active Deformable Models

S. Ramadan, W. Abd-Almageed and C. E. Smith

 Poster Session 3: Image Processing And Segmentation

 [#104, #109, #110, #124, #161, #162, #167, #173, #174, #177, #182,

  #202, #210, #220, #225, #254, #257, #260, #263, #279, #311, #313,

  #318, #338, #343

 Efficient Object Extraction Using Fuzzy Cardinality Based Thresholding And Hopfield Network

                S. Bhattacharya, U. Maulik and S. Bandyopadhyay

 A NURBS-Based Technique For The Segmentation Of Medical Images

                R. G. N. Meegama and J. C. Rajapakse

 Edgeless Active Contours For Natural Color Images Based On Angular Mapping And Level Sets

                S. Kulkarni, B. N. Chatterji, S. A. Joshi and A. K. Ray

 Robust And Blind Spatial Watermarking In Digital Image

                S. P. Maity and M. Kumar Kundu

 Automated Detection Of Tracks In Mountainous Terrain Using IRS-1C/1D Images

                D. Chaudhuri, A. Mishra, V. Gohri and J. K. Sharma

 Digital Watermarking Of Satellite Images

                Y. Chauhan, P. Gupta and K. L. Majumder

 A Polyphase Filter Bank Interpretation Of Coherent Image Formation

                C. Bhattacharya

 Unsupervised Statistical Method For Edgel Clustering With Applications To Shape Localization

                F. Destrempes and M. Mignotte

 Adaptive Unequal Channel Protection For JPEG2000 Images

                V. S. Sanchez and M. K. Mandal

 Motion-Free Superresolution

                P. K. Vajapeyazula and A. N. Rajagopalan

 Image Denoising Using Wavelet Thresholding

                L. Kaur, S. Gupta and R. C. Chauhan

 A Technique For Signature Preserving Enhancement

                S. Palnitkar, B. Vaghela, B. Kartikeyan and S. Chowdhury

 Super-Resolution Imaging : Use Of Zoom As A Cue

                M. V. Joshi and S. Chaudhuri

 Blood Cell Segmentation Using EM Algorithm

                N. Sinha and A. G. Ramakrishnan

 Combinatorial Classification Of Pixels For Ridge Extraction In A Gray-Scale Fingerprint Image

                A. Bishnu, P. Bhowmick, J. Dey, B. B. Bhattacharya, M. K. Kundu, C. A. Murthy and T. Acharya

 Adaptive Fuzzy Connectedness-Based Medical Image Segmentation

                A. Pednekar, I. A. Kakadiaris and U. Kurkure

 Determination Of Minutiae Scores For Fingerprint Image Applications

                P. Bhowmick, A. Bishnu, B. B. Bhattacharya, M. Kumar Kundu, C. A. Murthy and T. Acharya

 Relative Fractal Coding And Its Application In Satellite Image Compression

                S.K. Ghosh, J. Mukhopadhyay, V. M. Chowdary and A. Jeyaram

 Segmentation Of Images Using Level Set Analysis

                P. P. Mohanta, A. Sen and D. Prasad Mukherjee

 Semi-Automatic Road Extraction Algorithm For High Resolution Images Using Path Following Approach

                V. Shukla, R. Chandrakanth and R. Ramachandran

 Adaptive Rank-Ordered Mean Filter For Removal Of Impulse Noise From Images

                M. Singh and P. K. Bora,

 Early Stage Detection Of Tumors In Mammograms

                B. V. Pawar and S. Patil

 A Fast Segmentation Algorithm Revisited

                S. Chandran and K. K. Madhesiya

 Discrete Multiwavelet Transform Based SAR Image Speckle Reduction

                S. Bhattacharya, V. R. Gujaraty and S. S. Rana