Students Achievements / Awards

S.No. Name Title of Thesis Program Year of Completion Co-guide Placement
1 Waseem Ahmad Health Monitoring of AEC's for Power Electronic Applications
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Ph.D. 2018 -- NUS (Post-Doc), NIT Surathkal (Faculty)
2 Shatakshi Sharma Output Power Leveling of DFIG using Battery Energy Storage System M.Tech 2014 Dr. S.N. Singh, IITK Joined IITD for Ph.D
3 Amit Meena Design And Development of Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer
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M.Tech 2015 --
4 Shyam Agarwal Power Sharing in Low Voltage DC Microgrid Using Low Speed Communication
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M.Tech 2015 -- CPRI
5 Abhinav Arya Online Health Monitoring of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors For Single Phase Grid Connected PV System
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M.Tech 2015 -- Ph.D.-IITK
6 Arun Singh Online condition monitoring of discrete IGBT for Solar PV Inverter
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B.Tech-M.Tech 2016 -- Texas Instruments
7 Saurav Roy Chaudhary Dynamic Voltage Restorer With Adaptive Active Filtering
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M.Tech 2016 -- ABB
8 Soumya Thomas Cooperative Control for Low Voltage DC Microgrid
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M.Tech 2016 Dr. S.R. Sahoo, IITK Texas Instruments
9 Maguluri Avinash High Efficiency Five Level Single-Phase Grid-Connected Transformer-Less Photovoltaic Inverter
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M.Tech 2016 -- Valeo
10 Nikunj Agarwal Online Technique for Health Monitoring of Capacitor in Single Phase Solar Inverter
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M.Tech 2016 -- ONGC
11 Rajender Nune Design and Development of GaN HEMT based DC-DC Converter
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M.Tech 2016 Dr. Y. Chauhan, IITK Qualcomm
12 Sathish Kumar Estimation and Utilization of Aggregate Harmonic Load Model
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MS(R) 2017 Dr. S. Chakrabarti, IITK Tata Motors
13 Anoop Ingle Quality Index Based Controller and Transient Analysis for DC Microgrid
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M.Tech 2017 Dr. S.R. Sahoo, IITK Intel
14 P Nandha Kumar Comparative study of dc-link capacitor banks using physics-of-failure approach
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B.Tech-M.Tech 2017 -- ISRO
15 Pratik Deshmukh On-state Voltage Measurement Circuit for Online Health Monitoring of Power Semiconductor Devices
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M.Tech 2018 -- Intel
16 Ankit Shukla Method to Improve Harmonic Current Sharing and Reduce Voltage Distortion in AC Microgrid
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M.Tech 2018 -- Intel
17 Shouvik Paik Design and Development of Three Phase Smart Solar Inverter with Grid Support Functionalities MS(R) July 2020 Dr. S. Chakrabarti, IITK Accenture Japan
18 Abhiram VP Communication Topology Selection for Secondary Controllers in DC Microgrid
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M.Tech 2019 Dr. S.R. Sahoo, IITK SECI
19 Sagar Narale Reliability and Accelerated Aging Method of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
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MS(R) 2020 Dr. Amit Verma, IITK GE/Webtech
20 Parvraj Pachore Controlled Switching Method for Minimizing Inrush Current in Three Phase Transformer M.Tech 2020 -- Eaton
21 Saumya Bohra Regenerative Snubber Circuit for GaN HEMT Based Flyback Converter
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M.Tech 2019 -- Intel
22 Siddharth Jain Design of LCL Filter for Wide Bandgap Devices Based Grid-Connected Inverter
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M.Tech 2020 -- Maxlinear
23 Akshata Rajput GaN based compact USB-C PD MS(R) Expected Jan 2021 Dr. S. R. Sahoo, IITK
24 Siva Prabhakar Active Power Decoupling in Solar PV Inverters M.Tech 2020 Dr. S. Chakrabarti, IITK Joined IITB for Ph.D.
25 Bhismadev Meher Accurate Flux Estimation of the Transformer and Development of Control Switching Device for Inrush Current Minimization M.Tech July 2020 Dr. S. Chakrabarti, IITK Qualcomm
26 Sai Sowmya Nagam Gaussian Process Regression based Fault Location in DC Microgrid
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M.Tech 2019 Dr. A. Mohapatra, IITK Joined Imperial College London for Ph.D.
27 Pankaj Kumar Collector-Emitter Voltage Based Health Monitoring of Bond Wire in IGBT at Low Gate Voltage B.Tech-M.Tech June 2020 Dr. S. Chakrabarti, IITK Qualcomm
28 Shirazul Islam Modeling and Control of Microgrids Ph.D. Expected submission 2020 Dr. S. R. sahoo, IITK
29 Anubrata Das Harmonic Compensation using Solar PV Inverters Ph.D. Expected submission 2020 Dr. S. R. Sahoo
30 Shyam AB Communication requirements in DC Microgrid Ph.D. Expected submission 2020 Dr. S.R. Sahoo, IITK
31 Abhinav Arya Reliability of IGBTs Ph.D. Ongoing Dr. Amit Verma, IITK
32 Nachiketa Deshmukh Electronic capacitor for increased reliability Ph.D. Ongoing Dr. S.R. Sahoo, IITK
33 Abhishek Chanekar Reliability of power electronic circuits Ph.D. Ongoing Dr. Amit Verma, IITK
34 Arnab Sarkar GaN based power electronic circuits Ph.D. Ongoing Dr. S.R. Sahoo, IITK
35 Rustam Kumar Reliability of GaN HEMT Ph.D. Ongoing Dr. Tian-Li Wu(NCTU), Dr. Amit Verma(IITK)
36 Aditya Aman Smart gate driver for GaN HEMT Ph.D. Ongoing --
37 Tanmay Tiwari Coordinated Control of OLTC and Energy Storage for Voltage Regulation in Distribution Network with High PV Penetration M.Tech 2019 Dr. Abheejeet Mohapatra, IITK
38 Mrunmay Vaidya Controlled Battery Charging using PMSM In Vehicles M.Tech Expected 2021 Dr. B.G. Fernandes, IITB
39 Akshay Laturkar GaN based OBC for E-scooter M.Tech Expected 2021 --
40 Ali Asger Khattab Lead Acid Battery Health Monitoring M.Tech Expected 2021 Dr. Narendra Shiradkar, IITB