Consultancy Projects

  1. Rollups for Scaling Application-Specific Blockchains
    Client: Arcana Network
    Duration: Jan 2022–Nov 2022
    Abstract: In this report, we explored the possibility of using rollups originally developed for Ethereum to scale sovereign application-specific blockchains. After a brief survey of Ethereum rollups, we list the infrastructure required to implement rollups on a sovereign blockchain.
    Download PDF

  2. Micro-contracting on the Blockchain
    Client: Viacom18
    Duration: Dec 2019–Dec 2020
    Abstract: PoC implementations of a content rights management application in Quorum, Corda, and Hyperledger Fabric

  3. White Paper on the Security of the Bitcoin Protocol
    Client: Zebpay
    Duration: Apr 2018–May 2018
    Abstract: A gentle introduction to the Bitcoin protocol followed by a discussion of its security properties. Download PDF

  4. Consultancy Support for Modernization of the Mumbai Fire Brigade Control and Command Infrastructure
    Client: Mumbai Fire Brigade
    Duration: Jun 2013–Jun 2017
    Co-PI: Prof. Abhay Karandikar

  1. Development of Pulse Doppler Processing Algorithms for MOTR
    Funding Agency:Indian Space Research Organisation
    Duration: Aug 2017–Dec 2019

  2. Signal Processing for Performance Improvement of Multi-Object Tracking Radar
    Funding Agency:Indian Space Research Organisation
    Duration: Jun 2014–Dec 2015
    Co-PI: Prof. Rajbabu Velmurugan

  3. Implementation of Correlation Attacks based on Turbo Codes
    Funding Agency: Scientific Analysis Group, DRDO
    Duration: Feb 2011–Aug 2012
    Co-PI: Prof. Harish Pillai

  4. Open Source Courseware Animations Repository (OSCAR) for Topics in Electrical Engineering
    Funding Agency: Internally funded by MHRD project 10MHRD011
    Duration: Feb 2010–Mar 2012
    Co-PIs: Profs. Sibi Raj B. Pillai and Sachin B. Patkar