Courses Compulsory and electives

Credit Structure:


Course Work Credits
Core Courses (6) 6 x 6
Dept. Electives (3) 3 x 6
Insti. Electives (1) 1 x 6
Lab Course (1) 1 x 6
Seminar 4
Department Communication Skill (HS792) P/NP
Institute Communication Skill (HS791) P/NP
Project Stage I 42
Project Stage II 48
Total Credits 160


List of Compulsory / Core corses:

Course Code Course Name Credits
EE640 Multivariable Control Systems 6
EE635 Applied Linear Algebra 6
EE615 Control and Computation Laboratory 6
EE601 Statistical Signal Analysis 6
EE622 Optimal Control Systems 6
EE636 Matrix Computations 6
EE613 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 6
EE694 Seminar 4
HS791 Institute Communication Skill (P/NP)
HS792 Department Communication Skill (P/NP)


List of Elective Courses:

Course Code Course Name Credits
EE603 Digital Signal Processing & Applications 6
EE605 Error Correcting Codes 6
EE649 Finite Fields & Applications 6
EE659 A First Course in Optimization 6
EE677 Foundation of VLSI CAD 6
EE725 Computational Electromagnetics 6
EE608 Adaptive Signal Processing 6
EE638 Estimation & Identification 6
EE621 Markov Chains & Queuing System 6
EE678 Wavelets 6
EE720 An introduction to Number Theory and Cryptography 6



  1. A total of 11 courses are required for both M.Tech TAs and RAs. 7 compulsory + 3 DE + 1 IE
  2. TA curriculum is online. RAs should take 6 courses in the first two semesters + EE601 in the 3rd sem. Other than that they can take the remaining whatever they like.
  3. TAs can take as many extra courses as they like.
  4. RAs can take a maximum of 18 credits (i.e. 3 courses) per semester. If more, then they require the permission from their faculty adviser.
  5. The Institute Elective (6 credits) can be taken either in the 3rd or 4th Semester.