Precise patterns in a clean environment form the backbone of any MEMS process flow. NMPF is equipped with a double side mask aligner, along with automated spin coaters and etching benches, all housed in a class 100 yellow clean room.

  • Double Side Mask Aligner – Suss Microtech
    • Model: MA/BA6
    • TSA: 0.5 μm BSA: 1 μm
    • Exposure wavelength: UV400
  • Spin Coaters – Laurell
    • Model: WS-650-23NPP
    • Automatic syringe injection

Thin Film Deposition

Thin films are essential for making electrical contacts, growing sacrificial layers or for encapsulation. Various thin-film coating solutions are available at NMPF.

  • Multi target sputter – AJA International
    • Model no: ATC1800
    • Metals: Au, Ti, Pt, Cr
    • Dielectrics: HfO₂,SixNy, SiOx
  • Parylene CVD – SCS
    • Model no: Labcoter 2 (PDS2010)
  • LPCVD Furnaces – SVCS
    • Tube 1: SixNy
    • Tube 2: PolySi, Doped PolySi
    • Tube 3: Thermal oxidation
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing – Annealsys
    • Model no: AS-One
    • Capabilities: Nitridation, oxidation, ohmic contact annealing


Apart from wet etch benches, NMPF offers both RIE and DRIE etch options for silicon processing.

  • Deep Reactive Ion Etching – Samco
    • Model no: 400 iPB (Bosch process)
    • Max etch rate : 55 μm/min
    • High aspect ratio of upto 40:1
    • Upto 400 μm depth (aspect ratio 27:1)
  • Oxygen Plasma Etch – Samco
    • Model no: RIE – 1C
    • Top load chamber, manual gas flow
    • Gases: O2, CF4 Wet Etch
  • Chemical fume hoods
    • TMAH etching, metal etch, oxide etch

Packaging, Characterization and Testing

NMPF is equipped with wafer dicer and wire bonder, which will enable your MEMS prototype devices to be tested right out of the facility.

  • Wire Bonder – TPT
    • Model no: HB16
    • With pick and place feature
  • Wafer Dicer – ADT
    • Model no: 7122
    • Capable of multi-angle dicing

In addition to these, NMPF can arrange for any other complex characterizations you might require, through the state-of-art facilities housed at IIT Bombay Nanofabrication Facility.