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Types of engagement


Research Collaboration

If you have something complementary, such as an interesting problem, a dataset, or domain (e.g. medical) expertise, and you would like to work together on a research project, feel free to contact me. If you have a specific MoU, then IRCC will review it and help us get on our way.


Sponsored Project

This type of engagement is for those public or private funding agencies who want to fund research projects largely for public good and do not mind releasing the resultant IP to the public. A good place to start is to contact me or IRCC with your RFP.



If you are a private company, and you want to get specific results based on cutting-edge technology, then you can approach me or IRCC for consulting. Indian companies pay 18% GST, after which 30% of the costs go to IIT Bombay, and 70% to the consultant.


Ongoing engagements


We have a long-term and ongoing research collaboration with Dept. of Pathology at UIC. We have jointly secured funding and published research papers.

Tata Memorial

We work on various research projects involving computational pathology and image genomics with Tata Memorial, including joint sponsored projects.

Great Learning

I have co-developed course material (instructional videos and assignments) on deep learning for Great Learning as a consultancy project.


We are developing a mobile app powered by AI for primary healthcare workers that can be taken to the field for mass screening of high-risk oral lesions.