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Some courses that I have taught


Image Processing

Intensity and color transforms. Spatial and frequency filtering. Segmentation and morphological operations. Super resolution and image enhancement.


Machine Learning

Classification, regression, clustering, and dimension reduction frameworks. Theory of learing. Issues with learning. Probabilistic modeling.


Deep Learning

Convolutional neural networks. Image recognition and segmentation. Advanced neural networks for computer vision. Recurrent neural networks for NLP.


Soft Skills

Presentation slides, organization, and delivery. Reading scientific material. Report and paper writing. Email writing. Finding a research problem.

Some questions to make tough exams fun


Should we believe your eyes?

Natural quirks in our visual cortex are used to design optical illusions. If we are not careful, optical illusions can be used to trick us. Understanding such tricks can be empowering.


Helping reduce cybercrime

Can machine learning help find abusers of freedom of speech? What should a data scientist be aware of in order to navigate such legal and ethical minefield?


Factors that affect behavior

Decision-making in real life has lots of co-dependencies among various factors, some of which we have no control over. Does that predispose us to certain behavior?