November 20, 2011 at VMCC, IIT Bombay 

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Workshop on Cell Tower/Cell Phone Radiation







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With excessive use of mobile phones and giant mobile towers mushrooming on the roof tops of buildings and houses across the country, health risks associated with cell phones and cell towers is a growing concern. Even the World Health organization (WHO) now admits that mobile phones may increase the risk of brain tumour. The objective of the workshop is to create awareness and develop understanding of health risks associated with long term exposure of cell phone and cell tower radiation.


The workshop is being organized by Prof. Girish Kumar, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay. Prof. Kumar has been working on cell tower radiation hazards and  solutions for last 10 years. He has been invited to give talks at several reputed institutions. He is the member of Technical Advisory Committee, West Bengal Environment Ministry and has also been interviewed by leading news channels and newspapers to discuss the subject.
To know more about Prof. Kumar, click here.

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Download Resource material :

1. Cell tower radiation report sent to Department of Telecommunications, India by Prof. Girish Kumar 

2. Presentation on Cell Phone/Tower Radiation Hazards & Solutions by Prof. Girish Kumar

3. Cell Phone Towers Radiation Hazards Submitted to West Bengal Environment Ministry

4. Report on Possible Impacts of Communication Towers on Wild Life Including Birds & Bees


5. Download Prof. Girish Kumar's event presentation on  Cell Tower, Cell Phone




Workshop Venue : Victor Menezes Convention Centre


For further Details:

Antenna/Microwave Lab

Room No. 336, Third Floor

Department of Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Powai, Mumbai- 4000 76

Phone no. - 022 2576 4433