What accounts are provided in IIT Bombay?

You get the following accounts in IITB:

  • Institute-level account, called LDAP account: This is used to access institute email, and for other institute-wide activities, such as course registration and placements. This account is also commonly known as ‘GPO’ login.

  • Department account: This gives you email facilities through IMAP.Your shell and IMAP usernames are the same.

  • Lab accounts: Users in the various labs also get accounts specific to that lab. This is handled by the particular lab in question, and not by Sys Ad Lab.

  • Hostel accounts: Some hostels provide their residents with accounts on their hostel servers. Once again, these are handled by the system administrators of the hostel in question.

How do I apply for a department account?

Newly admitted students need to go to EE Webmail and follow the instructions given there to request for a department account. All other users must contact the system administrators in the SysAd Lab to create an account.

How do I change my password?

To change your IMAP password, log on to webmail, then click ‘Options’, and then ‘Change Password’.

or go to the following link:

Please change your password frequently, so as to prevent misuse of your account.

How do I log into my new EE account?

You can login using SSH. You can use any of the following:

  • ssh loginname@

How long will my account be valid?

Your account will be valid till your convocation. In special cases, if you need to retain your account beyond that, you need to contact the PC Lab system administrators.