Personal Website on EE

How do I set my Personal Home Page?

The link to your home page is Create a directory in your home called public_html then put whatever files you want to put on your home page in that directory. Give it world readable permissions using chmod 755 public_html. Give your home world exec perms using chmod 711 ~/.

You can also create home page at using Institute LDAP ID and Password.You home page link would be

How do I create my Home Page?

There are several ways to create your home page.

  • Coding: Using HTML, PHP(or any other Server side Language), Javascript( or any Client side Language), and CSS(for styling)
  • CMS(Content Managemen System): This is simpler, no coding required. You can use many CMS frameworks like:

    1. Wordpress
    2. Drupal
    3. Joomla ..

Once your home page is setup and running on, write to admin [at] ee [dot] iitb [dot] ac [dot] in.