Electrical Machines Lab
This undergraduate teaching laboratory has electric motor-generator sets, measuring instrumentation and power electronic drives. Students are exposed to concepts of machine characteristics and control through lab experiments.
Power Electronics Research Lab
The Power Electronics Research Lab has state of the art equipment, instruments and computational facilities for research in power electronics, machines and their control. The laboratory infrastructure can accommodate upto 30 Masters and Doctoral students. Facilities include computers and software for students' computational needs.
Applied Power Electronics Lab
The laboratory supports research on renewable energy sources, their power conditioning and interconnection with the grid. Photovoltaic and fuel cell sources are available for experimentation. Facilities are also available for EMI/EMC testing of electronic and power electronic systems.
Power System Lab
This laboratory houses a demonstration and experimental facility for power systems using scaled models of power system components such as alternators, exciters, HVDC converters, and FACTS devices.
PowerAnser Lab
Modeling, computation, studies and software development are carried out in this lab in transmission and distribution system planning and pricing, optimal power flow, load forecasting, numerical relaying and relay co-ordination.
Field Computation Lab  
The laboratory has state of the art software for field computation of electrical machines. The laboratory is intended for research in electromagnetic and coupled field systems.
Insulation Diagnostics Lab  
This recently developed laboratory has a 100 kV ac / 140 kV dc setup. It is also equipped with a partial discharge measurement setup.


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