Vivek Agarwal  
email id: agarwal [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7422
(R) +91-22-2576-8422
Area of Interest: Power conversion, modelling and simualtion of power electronic systems, EMI problems in power electronics, microprocessor based control of ac drives

M. C. Chandorkar
email id: mukul [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7475
(R) +91-22-2576-8475
Area of Interest: Power electronic converters and control, electrical power quality, DSP applications in power electronics
email id: kishore [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7472
(R) +91-22-2576-8482
Area of Interest: Utility friendly converter topologies, power factor correction techniques, STATCOM, switched mode rectifiers, electronic ballast, control of electric drives

email id: bgf [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7428
(R) +91-22-2576-8428
Area of Interest: Switch-mode rectifiers, switch-mode power supplies, soft switching techniques for SMPS, permanent magnet machines and electric drives, power electronic circuits and applications, electrical machines, solid state drives, active filters, microcontroller application in drives

email id: sak [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7434
(R) +91-22-2576-8434
Area of Interest: Deregulation in the power industry: optimal bidding, and congestion management, object oriented power system analysis, controlled series compensation using SSSC, harmonic distortion in distribution systems, design and operation of small tidal power plant, modelling and design of transformer

A.M. Kulkarni
email id: anil [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7416
(R) +91-22-2576-8416
Area of Interest: Power system dynamics, flexible ac transmission systems, HVDC transmission systems

S.V. Kulkarni
email id: svk [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7430
Area of Interest: Transformer design and analysis, electromagnetic and coupled field computations, efficient Finite Element method computations, power engineering: distribution automation and distributed generation, high voltage insulation design

S. A. Soman
email id: soman [AT]
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7435
(R) +91-22-2576-8435
Area of Interest Power system analysis, restructuring of power systems, power system protection, optimization, object oriented design, computational methods

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