The Group conducts research in several aspects of power electronics and power systems through an active academic program involving masters and doctoral students.


Group faculty members regularly undertake several projects sponsored by government agencies and private industry. These range from short- and medium-term consultancy to long-term sponsored research projects.


The Group is involved in organising several continuing education courses, teacher training programs, workshops and conferences.


Information Brochure
on M.Tech in
Power Electronics and Power systems

The Power Electronics and Power systems Group of the Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Bombay conducts research and education in a broad range of activities. An important aspect of the group's programme is the integration of power electronics with the study of power systems. This has caused the group to be involved in several areas that are
important to the development of the country's electric power infrastructure.

Apart from undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, the group has been highly active in providing technical expertise to local industry through consultancy and continuing education programmes.

The group faculty members and students regularly contribute papers and articles to international technical journals. The group has eight faculty members. Some of them are also members of other research groups of the Electrical Engineering Department. Several group faculty members also hold adjunct positions in the interdisciplinary Energy Systems Engineering programme at IIT Bombay.
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