V. Ramgopal Rao, Ph.D., FNAE, FASc, FNASc, FNA

P. K. Kelkar Chair Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

IIT Bombay

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Ph.D. STUDENTS (as Supervisor/Co-supervisor)

(Since the year 2000)

(For the work done during their Ph.D., students of Prof. Ramgopal Rao have won multiple times the Best Ph.D. thesis award at IIT Bombay; Young Innovator Award from MIT Technology Review 35; NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award; Best Paper awards at various conferences; Budding Innovator Award from the National Research Development Corporation, Government of India; Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award, TSMC Outstanding Student Research Award, and many others)


  1. Rajashree Rajagopal (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/Udayan Ganguly) - Integration of La1-x SrxMnO3 (LSMO) on Si for Logic and Memory Applications (2014) Self employed
  2. Prasenjit Ray (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/P. R. Apte): Novel Transduction Techniques for Polymer Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Sensing Systems (2014) - Joined TSMC, Taiwan
  3. Kaushik Nayak (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/Hiroshi Iwai, Tokyo Institute of Technology): CMOS Device Design and Circuit Performance of Silicon Gate All Around Nanowire MOSFETs in Scaled Technologies" (2014) - Joined Global Foundries, Singapore
  4. Akash Nigam (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/Malin Premaratne (Monash University, Australia)) (under the IITB-Monash Academy): Understanding and Optimization of Electrical Characteristics of Organic Devices (Graduated in 2014), Joined Global Foundries, Singapore
  5. Sudip Nag (Guides: Dinesh Sharma & V.Ramgopal Rao) - Techniques for Improved Accuracy in Bio-Instrumentation for Stimulation & Sensing (2014) - joined the Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE), NUS Singapore
  6. Amey Mahadev Walke (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao & Guido Groeseneken, IMEC) - Fabrication, Characterization and Simulation of a Line-tunnel Field Transistor for Low Power Applications (2014) - joined TSMC Taiwan
  7. H. N. Raval (Guide: V. Ramgopal Rao) - Organic Semiconducting Materials and Devices for Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry Applications (2013) - joined TSMC Taiwan
  8. R.Ramesh (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/M. S. Baghini) - Fabrication, Characterization and Simulation of Organic Transistors and Circuits (2012) - joined TSMC Taiwan
  9. Ram Asra (Guide: V. Ramgopal Rao) - Tunneling Field Effect Transistor with Sandwich Tunnel Barrier for Low Operating Voltages (2012) - joined Global Foundries, New York, USA
  10. V.Seena (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/S. Mukherji-DBSE) - Polymer Nanomechanical Cantilever Sensors with Novel Electrical Transduction Schemes for Bio/chemical Sensing (2011) - joined IIT Rajasthan as a faculty member. Currently a faculty member in the Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Trivandrum
  11. Ravi Shankar Dudhe (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/Anil Kumar- Chemistry) - Polymer Based Sensors for Explosive Detection (2011)- rejoined his institution after graduating under the Quality Improvement Programme for college teachers category
  12. Mrunal. A. K. (Guide: V.Ramgopal Rao/M.Ravikanth-Chemistry) - Bottom-Up Approaches for Nano-scale CMOS Scaling (2012) - joined TSMC Taiwan
  13. Mayank Shrivastava (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/Maryam Shojaei): I/O and ESD Device Optimization for Nano-scale CMOS Technologies (2010) - Joined Infineon Technologies, East Fishkill, New York, USA. Currently a faculty member at IISc Bangalore.
  14. Angada B Sachid (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/Maryam Shojaei): Technology-Circuit Co-Design Using Multi-Gate FETs for Sub-32 nm Nodes - Joined University of California, Berkeley as a Post-doctoral Fellow
  15. Debabrata Maji (Guide:V. Ramgopal Rao) - Reliability Characterization of Germanium Based MOSFETs With HfO2 Gate Dielectric (2009) - Joined TSMC, Taiwan
  16. Venkanarayan Hariharan (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/J. Vasi) - Simulation & Modeling of Nano-scale Finfets (2008) - Joined Maxim, Santa Clara. Currently with Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, USA
  17. Shree Prakash Tiwari (Guide: V. Ramgopal Rao) - Fabrication & Characterization of Solution Processed Low Voltage Organic Devices & Circuits (2008) - Joined Georgia Institute of Technology, USA as a Post-doctoral Fellow. Currently a faculty member at IIT Rajasthan
  18. C. R. Manoj (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/M. B. Patil) - Device Design & Optimization of Nano-scale Finfets for Logic Applications (2008) - Joined XFAB, Malaysia
  19. Partha Sarkar (Guides: C. K. Sarkar/V. Ramgopal Rao) - Sub 100nm MOSFET's: A Simulaton Study for improved Digital & Mixed Signal Performance - Graduated in 2008 under the Quality Improvement Programme for College teachers from Jadavpur University
  20. Nitin Kale (Guide:V. Ramgopal Rao) - Making Hotwire CVD a Viable Technology Alternative for Bio-MEMS applications: System Design, Fabrication & Characterization (2008) - Was with TSMC, Taiwan. Currently with NanoSniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
  21. Manoj Joshi (Guides: S. Mukherji/V. Ramgopal Rao) - Micro-fabricated Biosensors for Cardiac Diagnostics (2007) - was with TSMC, Taiwan. Currently with Global Foundries, New York, USA
  22. K.Narasimhulu (Guide: V. Ramgopal Rao) - CMOS Device Design & Optimization for Mixed Signal Applications (2006) - Joined IBM Hopewell Junction, NY, USA
  23. Neeraj K. Jha (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/M. B. Patil) - Reliability Studies on Deep Sub-micrometer MOSFETs under Analog Operating Conditions (2005) - Joined TSMC, Taiwan. Currently with TSMC in USA
  24. D.Vinay Kumar (Guides: M. B. Patil/V. Ramgopal Rao) - Development of a Look Up Table Simulator for Advanced Applications (2005) - Currently with Synopsis, India
  25. Manjula Rani (Guides: J. Vasi/V. Ramgopal Rao) - Border Trap Characterization for Sub 100 nm MNSFETs (2004) - Joined Cypress, Bangalore
  26. Nihar Ranjan Mohapatra (Guides: V. Ramgopal Rao/M. P. Desai) - CMOS Scaling and Optimization for Logic and Memory Applications (2004) - Was with Global Foundries, Dresden, Germany. Currently a faculty member at IIT Gandhi Nagar
  27. Najeeb-Ud-Din (Guides: J. Vasi/V. Ramgopal Rao) - Single Halo Deep Submicron SOI MOSFETs for Analog Applications - Graduated in 2003 under the QIP Programme for college teachers, rejoined NIT-Srinagar

Post-graduate Students

    Prof. Ramgopal Rao has supervised over 100 post-graduate/dual degree theses in the area of microelectronic /nanoelectronics at IIT Bombay since the year 2000.

Email id : rrao@ee.iitb.ac.in

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