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Prof.A.N.Chandorkar  (Coordinator, SMDP-II )

email id:
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7441
(R) +91-22-2576-8441
Areas of Interest: Analog and Mixed signal VLSI Design, Ultra-Thin Gate insulators for VLSI Technologies, High-K Dielectrics for   VLSI      Technologies (Nano Electronics), RF VLSI   Design Radiation   Hard MOS Technologies, Communication/DSP based System  and chip Design, Semiconductor Device modelling and     Reliability Simulation Tools, Memory Testing, Analog and Mixed signal Test and Fault simulation Accelerated Device Testing    and Reliability, Modelling,    High Power semiconductor Devices, Power Electronic Systems, Optically Switched Microwave components, Sensors, Microelectronics System Packaging


Prof.Supratik Chakraborty    (Co-Coordinator, SMDP-II)

E-Mail :

Telephone: (O) +91- 22- 25767721
(R) +91-22-25764787 
Areas of Interest: Formal techniques for analysis, verification, validation of digital systems, Asynchronous timing analysis.
Prof.D. K. Sharma

email id: dinesh [
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7432
(R) +91-22-2280-4745
Areas of Interest: MOS device modeling, VLSI design and technology. Microelectronics - technology and device       characterization; and mixed signal design


email id: madhav @
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7423
(R) +91-22-2576-8423
Areas of Interest: VLSI design and design automation, Graph theory and combinatorics, Circuits and systems

Prof.Maryam Shojaei Baghini

email id: mshojaei @
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7425
Areas of Interest: Technology-aware design, integrated circuit and system design with emerging devices, Integrated power management for SOC applications, Analog/Mixed-signal    IC design for different applications, Circuit and system modeling, Circuit design optimization, Analog/Mixed-signal/RF EDA (CAD tools, theory and implementation), Circuit and system design with organic thin film   components, RF/Microwave integrated circuit design,     VLSI design and embedded systems



email id: shalabh @
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7499
Areas of Interest: High speed analog/RF IC design, optical fiber communications, ultra-high-speed data conversion using photonics, smart antenna systems, biomedical electronics and biophotonics.

Prof.Jayanta Mukherjee

email id: jayanta
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7479
Areas of Interest: RF VLSI Design, Testing, Noise Modeling, Analog VLSI

Prof.M B Patil

email id: mbpatil @
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7446
(R) +91-22-2576-8695
Areas of Interest: Semiconductor device modelling for circuit simulation, Semiconductor device simulation, Mixed-mode circuit simulation

Prof.Sachin Patkar

email id: patkar @
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7490
(R) +91-22-2576-8490
Areas of Interest: Combinatorial optimization, Algorithms Design and Analysis, Graph Theory, Geometric Design and    Graphics

Prof.H. Narayanan

email id: hn
Telephone: (O) +91-22-2576-7401
(R) +91-22-2576-8431
Areas of Interest: Building large scale circuit simulators, Combinatorial optimization including submodular function theory,     Large scale system partitioning.


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