Past students and their theses

Ph. D. students
Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli
A Corpus-based Approach to the Computational Modelling of Melody in Raga Music

Shrikant Shankar Joshi
Automatic Assessment of Pronunciation Quality for Spoken Language Learning

Joe Cheri Ross
Bridging Chasms in Hindustani Music Recommendation

Vaishali Patil
Acoustic Features for Classification of Marathi Obstruents

Veena Karjigi
Segment-based Classification of Place of Articulation in Unvoiced Stops

Vishweshwara Rao
Vocal Melody Extraction from Polyphonic Audio with Pitched Accompaniment

Patwardhan, Pushkar P.
Improvements to the MBE Speech Model for Low Bit Rate Coding

M. Tech & Dual Degree students
Sachin Nayak [2020]
Multi-channel Enhancement and Diarization for Distant Speech Recognition

Aniruddha Deshpande [2020]
Audio Source Separation for Improved Tabla and Vocal Transcription in Vocal Mixtures

Krishna Subramani [2020]
Variational Parametric Models for Audio Synthesis

Pratheek Suresh [2019]
Speech Enhancement and Speaker Separation for Distant Speech Recognition

Charvi Vitthal [2019]
Predicting Lexical Skills from Oral Reading with Acoustic Measures

Kanhaiya Nathani

Hitesh Tulsiani

Prakhar Swarup [2017]

George Jose [2017]
Thesis: Distant Speech Recognition using Microphone Arrays

Shrikant Venkataramani [2015]

Amruta Vidwans [2015]

Mayur Jagtap [2015]

Prateek Verma [2014]

Parvathy Chandran [2013]
Singing voice detection in north indian classical music

Harikrishnan P

Pranav Jawale [2012]
Thesis: Confidence Measures for Spoken Dialog Systems

Arpita Agrawal
Acoustics based vehicle detection

Rutika Maheshwari
HRTF modeling and interpolation

K. L. Srinivas
Automatic pronunciation scoring for language learner

Rohan Shah
Efficient broadcast monitoring using audio change detection

Nikhil Bhave
Acoustics Based Road Traffic Congestion Detection

Chitralekha Gupta
An objective assesment tool for ornamentation in singing

Kini, Sujeet
Automatic Music Genre Classification

Pant, Sachin
Improving the TANSEN query by humming system

Chandrayan, Kedar
Audio segmentation using statistical modeling

Sengupta, Dipti
Spatialization for video teleconferencing

Pradeep Gaddipati
Data-adaptive source separation for audio spatialization

Belle, Shreyas R.
Automatic raga recognition using intonation information

Dave, Nipun
Sparsity-based source separation for audio spatialization

Motamarri, Deepak
Low bit rate speech coding with LSF trajectory modeling

Santosh, N.
Sinusoid detection and parameter estimation for audio signals

Patel, Bhavik Rajnikant
Landmark detection for speech recognition

Sarda, Swapnil
Melody based music information retrieval

Tamrakar, Neelesh Kumar
Low bit rate speech coding using fixed segments

Savitha S.
DSP implementation of isolated digit recogniser

Ramakrishnan, S.
Vocal segment extraction for classical music

Kartik, S. Vijay
Phoneme-based speech recognition using HMMs

Hariharan Subramanian
Comparison of melody representations for query-by-humming

Siva Kumar, R.
Very low bit rate speech coding based on MBE model

Singh, Om Prakash
Implementation of speech analysis and synthesis for DSP processor

Thapliyal, Sunil
DSP implementation of MBE speech model

Ram Singh
Spectral subtraction speech enhancement with RASTA filtering

Pavan Kumar, K.
Improving quality in TD-PSOLA based speech synthesis

Agarwal, Ankush
Vocal-nonvocal classification with support vector machine

Bapat, Ashutosh Vishwas
Pitch detection of singing voice in tabla accompaniment

Bhargava, Rishabh
Modeling and evaluation of a query-by-humming system

Vaity, Chetan J.
Very low bit rate speech coding using segmentation

Kesarkar, Manish P.
Phonetic recognition based segmental vocoder

Shah, Dhaval
DSP optimization of algorithms for speech coding

Manohar, K.
Noise suppression system for speech applications

Shandilya, Saurabh Kumar
Pitch detection of singing voice in musical audio

Patel, Ritesh J.
Concatenative speech synthesis using festival

Santosh Gupta
Time and Pitch-scale Modification of Speech Signals

G. Moharir
Speech Enhancement by Spectral Subtraction

M. A. Raju
Building a Melody Retrieval System

Kulshrestha, Peeyush
Co-channel target speaker enhancement

Bajpai, Satyarth
Implementation of MPEG - 2AAC decoder on TMS3206701

A.K. Malot
MPEG-4 Structured Audio: A Compression Model for Harmonic Musical Signals

Project Staff

Nikul Prajapati
Automatic Speech Recognition

Jigar Gada
Automatic Speech Recognition