Students' Reading Group
Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay

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About the Group

The EE students’ reading group is constituted with the aim to encourage graduate students and research scholars to share their research activities with the student community. The group functions in four broad clusters consisting of the following department specialisations -

  • Communication & Signal Processing
  • Control & Computing
  • Power Electronics & Power systems
  • Microelectronics & Electronic Systems

The group annually conducts the 5 Minute Research Challenge to encourage innovative ideas from the students. Best speakers and presenters are recognized by the Department.

Expected Outcome

  • Improved R&D environment in the department.
  • Interaction between students and research groups.
  • Collaborative research.
  • More number of publications.
  • Improvement in communication and presentation skills of the students.
Vineet Gokhale | Communication & Signal Processing

It was a great pleasure delivering a department level talk on my research area. The session was pretty interactive, and some questions were quite intriguing. The talks are, in general, well organised. I like the concept of an audience feedback system where the all voices are heard in an anonymous manner. The reading group presentation is a good reason for us, who are mostly confined to a lab or a research problem, to gather at a common place for exchange of technical ideas. The practice of inviting external speakers seems viable because of the relentless efforts by the organizers. This way the department folks can also get a broader picture of the research activities going on elsewhere, which are otherwise hard to be noticed by all.

Sagar Sudhakara | Communication & Signal Processing

Presenting my project in reading group gave me lot of confidence & got to know my loopholes. I could crack tensilica interview only because of the confidence which I gained by presenting my work in the reading group. I am highly grateful to Prof. Kumar Appaiah & Sagar Sharma to give me a platform where I can showcase my talent & get instant feedback.

Prof. Kumar Appaiah

Overall Faculty Co-ordinator

"Student life is the best time to learn and equip ourselves for our career. The reading group is a great way to expand our horizon and learn about a wide range of topics and foster healthy discussion among peers. I strongly recommend that students use this opportunity to learn as much as they can."

-- Prof. Kumar Appaiah

Motivation Behind The Group

"The best results will come when everyone in the group is doing what's best for himself and the group".
-- Prof. John Nash

Keyur Mistry

Overall Co-ordinator
  +91 9979792074

"The reading group gives an opportunity to explore and expand ones technical inquisitiveness, through peer discussions, live demonstrations and interactive dialogue. Our sessions are oriented to meet the requirements of students from varied subject backgrounds, and to provide ample space for the speakers enhance their presentation skills. Join us to make a difference by sharing your knowledge!"

-- Keyur Mistry