Director, IIT Kanpur
Kanpur -208 016, UP

(On leave from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai - 400076)

T (IITK): (+91) - 512-259-7220
T (IITB): (+91) - 22-2576-7439

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I have moved to IIT Kanpur as Director, IIT Kanpur with effect from April 18th, 2018 (on leave from IIT Bombay)

I joined IIT Bombay in April 1997. In IIT Bombay, I served as the Dean (Faculty Affairs) from February 2017- April 2018 and the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department from January, 2012 to January, 2015. During 2014-17, I also served as the first Professor-in- charge of IIT Bombay Research Park. I was the Head of Computer Center of IIT Bombay from August 2008 to July 2011.

My group has made contributions to numerous global standardization initiatives on telecommunications. Two global IEEE 5G standards, "P1930.1: SDN based Middleware for Control and Management of Networks" and "P2061: Architecture for Low Mobility Energy Efficient Network for Affordable Broadband Access" are being led by Mr Pranav Jha of my research group as Working Group Chair.

IEEE P2061 standard includes the novel concept of “Frugal 5G Network” to enable affordable rural broadband connectivity. As part of our contributions towards IEEE P1930.1, we have innovated SDN based architecture to bring together multiple Radio Access Technologies (RATS) under a unified control and management framework as part of the 5G networks.

I have given large number of talks and tutorials in national and international fora. Some of the talks and presentations are given here. My recent PhD graduates' research has proposed some novel framework in SDN, RAN Virtualization and Frugal 5G. These research works can be accessed here. A number of patents have been filed by our group in these areas.


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