Past Students



  • Jaimin Shah

    Implementation of SDN Based WLAN Controller, 2019

  • Mahera Mulla

    Adaptive Handoff Technique for eMBMS Service in Hierarchical Cellular System, 2019

  • Neha Yadav

    Evaluation of Millimetre Wave Mesh Network using Network Analysis, 2019

  • Ritesh Ghanta

    Network Architecture for Interworking of Multiple Radio Access Technologies, 2019

  • Ritvik Mathur

    Fog Controller in Frugal 5G, 2019

  • Swastika Roy

    Creation and Management of Virtual Network Function in an OpenStack Environment, 2019

  • Akash Ravindra Gowda

    Performance Evaluation of Millimeter wave in 5G Testbed, 2018

  • Vashishth Dudhia

    On Some Aspects of Frugal 5G: Solution for Rural Broadband, 2018

  • Kartik Khulbe

    Performance Evaluation of Mesh Networks in 60GHz, 2018

  • Akshay Kumar Bajpai

    Design of Network Planning Tool for Broadband Connectivity in Rural India, 2017

  • Ojas Kanhere

    Design and Implementation of a Software Defined Network Based Wireless Network Controller, 2017

  • Pola Lakshmi Priyanaka

    On System Architecutre for SDN based Heterogeneous Network, 2017

  • Sweety Suman

    Rural Broadband Network Planning and Spectrum Management, 2017

  • Shubham Saha

    Design of pan-India Rural Broardband Network Planning Tool, 2017

  • Aniruddh Rao

    A Software Defined Network based Controller for Management of Large Scale WLAN, 2016

  • Chaitnaya Prasad N

    Analysis of Channel Allocation for Non-cooperative Operators with Cooperative Access Points in TV White Space, 2016

  • Chandra Mohan Sharma

    On design and implementation of Push-to-Talk Client and Server, 2016

  • Indraneel Mondal

    Resource Allocation for Device to Device Communication underlaying Cellular Network, 2016

  • Mahak Arora

    Broadband Connectivity for Rural India, 2016

    (Now Network Engineer at Meta)

  • MPS Hemanth Kumar

    Greedy Algorithm based Spectrum Allocation for Multi-operator Networks in TV White Space, 2016

  • Soubhik Deb

    On Next Generation Network Architecture, 2016

    (Now Ph.D. student at the University of Washington)

  • Gaurang Naik

    On the Feasibility of Providing Affordable Broadband Services Using Backhaul in TV White Spaces, 2015

    (Now Senior Systems Engineer at Qualcomm)

  • Karunakaran Kumar

    On Optimization Techniques for Energy Efficient Operation of Cellular Wireless Networks, 2015

  • Sudesh Singhal

    TV White Space: Quantitative Assessment and Backhaul Network for Rural Broadband in India, 2015

  • Venkhat V

    Backlog Optimal Downlink Scheduling in Energy Harvesting Base Station in a Cellular Network, 2015

  • Vaibhav Saboo

    Design of Network Management System for proposed Pilot TV White Space Testbed, 2015

  • Bharat Goel

    LTE Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH) Implementation on Freescale Platform, 2015

  • Abhishek Muli

    On Dual Connectivity in LTE based Cellular Heterogeneous Networks, 2014

  • Deeksha Sinha

    Sleep-Wake Up Mechanisms for Cellular Heterogeneous Networks, 2014

    (Now PhD candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • Vatsal Shah

    Energy Efficient Scheduling Using Green Energy Sources, 2014

    (Now Applied Scientist at Amazon)

  • Arijit Bhattacharya

    Evaluating Approaches for Network LTE-WLAN Heterogeneous Based Traffic Offloading in Networks, 2014

  • Naireeta Kansabanik

    Backhauling in TV White Spaces for Rural Broadband Applications, 2014

  • Priyanshu Shah

    On Threshold Velocity for Pico to Micro Handover in Cellular Heterogeneous Network, 2014

  • Pravjot Singh

    Mobility Management in Next Generation Wireless Networks, 2013

    (Now Staff Engineer at Qualcomm)

  • Raj Doshi

    Wireless Link Scheduling for Rural Broadband in TV White Spaces, 2013

  • Rupan Saharoy

    On Energy-Efficient Techniques in Heterogeneous Networks, 2013

  • Deepak Garg

    Propagation Characteristics and Channel Modeling in TV White Space, 2013

  • Niranjan P

    Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, 2013

  • Shashi Ranjan

    WLAN LTE Interworking: Principles and Performance, 2013

  • Suresh Pala

    Evaluation of Blocking Probability in Two-Tier Femtocell Networks, 2013

  • Gaurav Varshney

    IPHet: HetNet Architecture and Algorithm for Interference Management, 2012

    (Now Product Management Leader at Meta)

  • Hutokshi Sethna

    Load Balancing using Adaptive Relays in Cellular OFDMA Networks, 2012

  • Mihir Laghate

    Downlink Stochastic Power Control for Cellular Networks with Femto Base Stations, 2012

    (Now Staff System Engineer at Qualcomm)

  • Gaurav Tendolkar

    IPHet: HetNet Architecture and Protocols for Mobility Management, 2012

    (Now Senior System Software Engineer at NVIDIA)

  • Gayatri G

    Sensing and Transmission Scheduling for Half-Duplex Cognitive Radios, 2012

  • Meghanad Shingate

    Design and Implementation of Modular Switch Management Software on CeBRA Platform, 2012

  • Nirbhay Rane

    Coordination based Resource Allocation for Downlink Interference Management in Macro-Femto Network, 2012

    (Now Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems)

  • Rupali J. Mascarenhas

    Evaluation of Outage and Blocking Probability in Two-Tier Open Access Femtocell Networks, 2012

  • Sanjay Kumar

    On Analyzing Call Data Records for Cluster Formation in Mobile Social Network Applications, 2012

  • Anurag Nishad

    Internet Protocol Layer Handover Analysis in Next Generation Cellular Network, 2011

  • Rahul Agrawal

    On Relay Placement and Cooperative Scheduling in Self Organized Long Term Evolution Networks, 2011

  • Hrishikesh Sulay

    Persistent Scheduling for Delay Constrained Traffic, 2011

  • Piyush Mittal

    Resource Allocation for Femtocells, 2011

  • Sravan Kumar Jatavath

    Association of Shared Relays in Cellular Networks, 2011

  • Mohit Dandekar

    On Sequential Detection in Spectrum Sensing, 2011

  • Chandrakant Agarwal

    Go-Back-N ARQ for Multi-Hop Relay Network, 2011

  • Anil Kumar Vankayala

    Scheduling in Relay-Assisted Cellular Networks, 2011

  • Gauri Joshi

    On Relay - Assisted Cellular Networks, 2010

    (Now Faculty at Carneige Mellon University)

  • Harshad Maral

    Downlink Erlang Capacity of Cellular OFDMA, 2010

  • Nishta Tandiya

    Combining Packets with Different Modulation Schemes, 2010

  • Manju Meghwani

    On Erlang Capacity of IEEE 802.16e Networks, 2009

  • Ashish Kumar Pradhan

    VLSI Implementation of Traffic Resource Management of IEEE 802.16 MAC Layer, 2009

  • Sharayu Moharir

    Queuing Analysis of Opportunistic Scheduling in Wireless Networks, 2009

    (Now Faculty at IIT Bombay)

  • Atit Parikh

    On Wireless Link Scheduling Algorithms for Spectrum Sharing, 2009

  • Balaji V

    Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) with Diversity Combining in Wireless Channels, 2009

  • Ankit Sethi

    Delay Limited Capacity with Coding Gap, 2008

  • Hrishikesh Gokhale

    Implementation of IEEE 802.16 Base Station, 2008

  • Rajanish Sethi

    An Architecture of Tactical Communication System, 2008

  • Mallapur Veerayya

    An Energy-Aware On-Demand Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks, 2008

  • Vaishnavi Motghare

    Implementation of Media Access Control Layer of IEEE 802.16, 2008

  • Varun Lunia

    Performance Analysis of the Distributed Coordination Function of IEEE 802.11 Protocol in Presence of Fading, 2008

  • Ankit Jain

    Mitigation of Inter Symbol/Inter Carrier Intereference in Multicarrier Modulation for Doubly Dispersive Channels, 2008

  • Abhishek Shrivastava

    Multipacket Reception and Opportunistic Spectrum Access, 2008

  • Devyani Wad

    On Implementation of Media Access Control (MAC) Layer of IEEE 802.16, 2007

  • Kanchan Chavan

    Robust Queue Management over a Link with Varying Capacity, 2007

  • Nisarg Shah

    Transmitting Voice over the Internet, 2006

  • Abhijeet Bhorkar

    Stochastic Control for Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks, 2006

  • Nitesh Dixit

    Admission Control in CDMA Cellular Networks with Soft Handoffs, 2006

  • Dhruv Garg

    Signal to Interference Ratio based Admission Control for Cellular CDMA Network, 2005

  • Priyanka Garg

    Power Aware Routing in Sensor Networks, 2005

  • Mukul Agarwal

    On Two Control Problems: Stability of Dynamical Systems and Optimal Power Allocation, 2004

  • D Siva Kumar

    Design of Provider's Edge Router for Ethernet Emulation over MPLS Network, 2004

  • Manish Singh

    Efficient Media Access Control (MAC) Layer Design for Multi-Class CDMA Networks, 2004

  • Atit Jain

    On Code Division Multiple Access Network Planning and Optimization, 2004

  • Kavitha Subramanian

    An Optimization Based Flow Control Algorithm, 2004

  • V Vijayakumar

    Design of Link Management Protocol (LMP) over Optical Cross Connect Emulator, 2004

  • Santhosh Kumar K

    Design of Policy based MPLS Traffic Engineering Server, 2004

  • Siddharth Verma

    Optimal-Power Scheduling in Wireless Communication under Delay and Flow Constraints, 2004

  • Sachin Kulkarni

    Evaluation of Flow Identification Schemes on Network Processor, 2004

  • Medha Atre

    Voice over MPLS using Loop Emulation Service, 2004

  • Hemant Kumar Rath

    Design of Metro Ethernet Customer Edge using Virtual LAN (VLAN), 2004

  • Siddharth Dachalwal

    Implementation of Voice over IP over Wireless Local Area Network, 2004

  • Gaurav Agarwal

    Design and Evaluation of Dual Band Ad Hoc Networks, 2003

  • Shruti Mahajan

    Joint Admission Control and Scheduling Policies for Integrated Voice / Data CDMA Systems, 2003

  • Abhishek Jain

    Congestion Management and Bandwidth Allocation for Best-Effort Traffic in Packet Switched Networks, 2003

  • Harish Ramamurthy

    A Grouping Framework for Reliable Multicast Congestion Control, 2003

  • Renu Bhattar

    Policy Framework for MPLS Network, 2003

  • Premal Shah

    On Scheduling Transmissions under QoS Based Constraints, 2003

  • Vitanshu Sharma

    Probabilistic Convolutional Coding and Decoding, 2003

  • Ranoo Malhotra

    Design of Label Distribution Protocol with Constraint-Based Routing for MPLS Networks, 2003

  • K. Ganga Bhavani

    Congestion Control for Reliable Multicast, 2003

  • D. Venkatesh

    QoS Based Routing Algorithms in Internet, 2003

  • Shivaji Navale

    Design and Development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Access Gateway Software, 2003

  • Piyush Desai

    Design and Development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Access Gateway, 2003

  • Rahul Varma

    Issues in Best-Effort Delivery of Data for Unicast and Multicast Flows, 2002

  • T. Chitti Babu

    Design and Implementation of Traffic Engineering Extensions for OSPF, 2002

  • Manoj Sharma

    VLSI Implementation of IEEE 802.11 MAC, 2002

  • Rahul A.Chawathe

    Throughput Guarantees for TCP over Differentiated Services, 2002

  • S. Praveen Kumar

    Design of Multi-threaded Label Distribution Protocol for MPLS Emulator, 2002

  • Abhijit M. Gadgil

    Lime: A Linux based MPLS Emulator, 2002

  • Preetam Patil

    Design and Implementation of RSVP-TE over MPLS Emulator, 2002

  • N.S.S. Kishore K

    Design of DiffServ Capable MPLS Forwarding Engine, 2002

  • Kshitiz Saxena

    Finite State Machine Based Design for Packet Forwarding Engine, 2001

  • Anand Gupta

    Architecture and Algorithm for Rate-Based Service Differentiation in DiffServ Internet, 2001

  • Saurabh Ganeriwal

    A Framework for Joint Scheduling and Buffer Management, 2001

  • Atul S. Kumthekar

    sMultiprotocol Lambda Switching Simulator, 2001

  • Dilip G. Khairnar

    TCP Congestion Control over Wireless Links, 2001

  • Rushabh Soni

    Architecture of MPLS Forwarding Engine in Linux Kernel, 2001

  • Makarand G. Kulkarni

    Delay Optimal Fair Queueing for QoS Guarantees in Internet, 2000

  • NSNVP Rao

    Design of a Parallel TCP / IP Stack, 2000

  • Srusti Vijay

    Packet Classification and Layer Four Switching, 2000

  • Prashant Jain

    On Improving the TCP Performance over Asymmetric channels, 1999

  • Nirav A. Parikh

    Decoupling Delay-Bandwidth Guarantees in the Fair Queuing Algorithms, 1999

  • Anand Venkitachalam

    Architecture Design of MAC Controller for Cable Modem, 1999

  • Vivek Nema

    Performance Evaluation of Error Control Mechanisms for Wireless ATM Access Networks, 1999

  • Ravi Kumar Singh

    Performance Evaluation of TAG Switching, 1999

  • Charuhas P. Pandit

    Optimal Call Admissions in Cellular Networks with Priority Classes, 1999

  • Anupam Banerjee

    An Engineering Economic Model for the Future Internet, 1999

  • Preeti Nagvanshi

    Adaptive Prediction for Quality of Service Guarantees in Internet, 1999

  • Shail Bains

    A high Performance TCP/IP Stack with Tag Switching and Firewall Support, 1998

  • Kaustubh Kashyap

    Study of Issues in the Design of Cable Modem Architecture, 1998

  • D. Ramakrishna

    Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Fiber Coax Networks for Multimedia Communications, 1998

  • Vinay Keshavan Bharadwaj

    A Framework for Call Admission in Mobile Cellular Networks, 1998


  • Pravesh Kochar

    The Design of LTE Wifi-Controller, 2015

  • Sravya Chebrolu

    Study of HetNet Mobility Simulator with Enhancement to Random Pico Drop and RSRQ measurement, 2014

  • Ankur Bapna

    Analysis of Blocking Probability in LTE based Networks, 2013

  • Ayesha Mudassir

    Interference Management for Macro-Pico Cellular Networks, 2013

  • Kotaru Manikanta

    Energy Efficiency in Heterogeneous Wireless Network, 2013

  • Tuhin Sarkar

    Towards Optimal Fusion in Cognitive Network, 2013

  • Srikanth TV

    Sampling and Reconstruction of FRI Signals Using RC Sample Acquisition Filters, 2012

  • Skand Hurkat

    Delay-Aware Proportional Fair Scheduling in OFDMA Networks, 2012

  • Abhishek Iyer

    Channel Aware Deadline Based Scheduling in OFDMA Networks, 2012

  • Chinmayee Shah

    Towards Self Organized Relay Assisted Cellular Networks, 2011

  • Varun Jog

    Capacity Bounds for the DMBC and Coding Schemes for the Feedback DMBC, 2010

    (Now Lecturer at University of Cambridge)

  • Sesha Pavana Srinath B. V.

    Performance Analysis and Optimization of Protocols in Wireless Networks, 2010

  • Sanket Agarwal

    Downlink Erlang Capacity of Cellular OFDMA System, 2010

  • Rohit Agarwal

    Mobile Social Networking Platform and Applications, 2010

  • Manu Sharma

    Fair Scheduling in Cooperative Wireless Networks, 2009

  • Vamseedhar Reddy R. R.

    Performance Improvement of Wireless LAN Through Packet Relaying by Users, 2009

  • Himanshu Asnani

    On Some Results in Wireless Networks Control, 2009

  • Devang Baheti

    SMS Based Social Networking Architecture, 2009

  • Asad Ali

    Distributed Scheduling in Mesh Networks using STDMA, 2008

  • Priti Jacob Kujur

    Random Access Policy for Optimal Throughput, 2007

  • Mohit Gupta

    Opportunistic Scheduling for Mutli-Antenna Wireless Networks, 2007

  • Praneeth Kumar

    On Link Scheduling in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, 2007

  • Manasa Gangotri Kata

    On Code Division Multiple Access Network Simulations and Optimization, 2005

  • Nikhil Shetty

    Performance Analysis of Controlled Access-CDMA: A CDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks, 2005

  • Abhishek Kumar Shadangi

    Scheduling in High Data Rate Wireless Systems (IS-856), 2005

  • Mandeep Singh Sidhu

    TCP/IP Offload Engine for Storage Area Networks, 2003

  • Shrinivas Kudekar

    Adaptive Congestion Control in Heterogeneous Networks, 2003

  • Jayesh Vyas

    Packet Scheduling and Media Access Control in CDMA Based Wireless Networks, 2003

  • Neerav B. Mehta

    Rate Control and Synchronization Issues in Video Streaming over Packet-Switched Networks, 2003

  • Aashish Sharma

    Transcoding and Caching Proxy for Heterogenous Client Environments, 2002

  • Abhishek Trivedi

    Caching Mechanisms for Transcoding Web Proxies, 2002

  • Vinayak Samant

    Design of High Speed Packet Forwarding Engine, 2002

  • Vikas Jain

    Multicast Congestion Control over Wireless Medium, 2002

  • Saurabh Jain

    Grouping of Receivers for Multicast Congestion Control, 2002

  • Vishvesh Sahasrabudhe

    Adaptive Prediction Based Active Queue Management, 2002

  • Anuj Maheshwari

    Transcoding and Caching Proxy for Heterogenous Client Environments, 2001

  • Vishvesh Shreeram Sathe

    Reconfigurable Computing, 2001

  • Rohit Ramani

    Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) in TCP over Wireless Network, 2000

  • Mitul Tiwari

    IP Based Virtual Private Network, 2000

  • Anshul Kothari

    Towards a QoS Aware Linux, 2000

  • Munjal Kapadia

    Fast Algorithms in Router Table Lookup, 2000

  • Vivek Mhatre

    Analysis of Minimum-Delay Self Clocked Fair Queuing, 2000

  • Aditya Dhar

    An Implementation of Recursive Classification for MPLS, 2000

  • Gautam Kulkarni

    An RSVP Implementation for MPLS Signaling, 2000

  • Rahul Kopikare

    Performance Evaluation of an Ethernet-Token Ring Mixed Protocol, 2000

  • Dhiman Barman

    Policy Based Networking with Differentiated Services Under Linux, 2000

  • Rohit Raghuwanshi

    Packet Video over Ethernet, 1999

  • Saurabh Nitin

    A Modified TCP/IP Stack with Class Based Queueing, 1999

  • Dhanedra Jain

    Fair Scheduling in Wireless Packet Networks, 1999

  • Vijay Sundaram

    Long Range Dependence in Communication Networks, 1999

  • Anand Janakiraman

    Video Compression, 1998

  • Milind Kopikare

    Hierarchical Link Sharing for Packet Networks, 1998

  • Atul Hirpara

    Simulation and Modeling of a Bridged LAN, 1998