• EE 706: Communication Networks
  • EE 703: Digital Message Transmission
  • EE 740: Advanced Data Networks
  • EE 764: Wireless and Mobile Communications
  • EE 308: Communication Systems
  • EE 421: Communication Theory
  • EE 328: Digital Communications
  • EE 318: Electronic Design Lab

Books / Video Courses

Broadband Networks

I have authored a video course on Broadband Network. A brief synopsys of the course is given here-

This course gives an introduction to the fundamentals of broadband networks. The focus of the course is to elucidate the basic concepts of Quality of Service (QoS) in packet switch networks. We have discussed various elements of QoS architecture and algorithms. The course begins with introduction to ATM network principles and then explains QoS in IP networks. We give a detailed overview of resource reservation techniques including packet scheduling algorithms and admission control. We then discuss issues involved in IP over ATM which leads to Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network. Today, MPLS addresses the traffic engineering challenges of broadband IP core networks. MPLS can also be used as control plane for Optical Networks. Accordingly, we discuss next generation optical networks and MPLS- Multiprotocol Lambda Switching. Finally, we give an overview of broadband access networks technologies. Metro Ethernet is one of the dominant access network technologies in next generation broadband access. The course gives an overview of Metro Ethernet. Various topics covered in the course are as follows-

  • ATM Networks
  • QoS in ATM networks- Effective Bandwidth and Traffic Descriptor
  • Resource Reservation in IP networks
  • Packet Scheduling and Admission Control
  • QoS for Best Effort Traffic- TCP Congestion control
  • IP over ATM
  • MPLS
  • Optical Networks and MPLS
  • Broadband Access and Metro Ethernet

More details about this course can be obtained from Centre for Distance Engineering Education Program (C-DEEP) of IIT Bombay.