Industry Interactions

Industry Interactions and Startups

  • Co-Founder of Eisodus Networks Private Limited (Ethernet based Broadband access network)

    I co-founded and incubated a company called Eisodus Networks Private Limited in IIT Bombay’s business incubator in 2002 to develop metro Ethernet switch for broadband access network. The company successfully secured a funding from investors. The field trial of the technology was carried out by a number of service providers. Eisodus team became part of Tejas Networks in 2007. I served as Technology Advisor to Tejas Networks during 2007-09.

    The company was featured in Light Reading.

  • Incubation and Mentoring of Panchsheel Research Private Limited

    Power & Fuel (P&F) expenses constitute majority of operating expenses of a cellular wireless network, and Diesel alone constitutes ~40% of overall Power & Fuel (P&F) expenses. We have developed an innovative tool using advanced machine learning analytics and optimization techniques that can significantly reduce the Operational Expense (OPEX). The technology has been field tested in several sites and has demonstrated close to 30% reduction in OPEX. This patented technology is now being commercialized by Panchsheel Research Pvt Ltd founded by my former student.

  • Consulting and Advisory Role

    I have provided consultancy to many industries (completed 30 projects) in network planning and design, technology choice, procurement, installation; performance analysis and audit of networks; design and implementation of network protocols; due-diligence of technical capabilities for investment, taxation and validation matters on technology components.

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