The group has excellent research facilities for carrying out advanced research. Some of the existing facilities in the group include a full CMOS line with electron-beam-lithography facility, a wide ..  


     Fabrication facilities in the Microelectronics Group include a Class 1000 Clean Room with a full CMOS line including an electron-beam-lithography system:

The facilities include:

1. Several oxidation/diffusion furnaces
2. Low pressure and atmospheric pressure CVD furnaces
3. Mask aligner and photolithography
4. Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) System
5. Electron-Beam-Lithography system
6. Several vacuum evaporation systems
7. Plasma processing systems
8. Class 100 clean benches
9. Hot-Wire CVD system
10. Fabrication monitoring equipment like AFM, spectroscopic      ellipsometer,surface profiling, 4-probe, etc.
11. Access to the institute facilities XRD, TEM, ESCA, etc.