The group has excellent research facilities for carrying out advanced research. Some of the existing facilities in the group include a full CMOS line with electron-beam-lithography facility, a wide ....  



   The simulation laboratory has several PCs, DEC Alpha workstations and and high end SUN workstations/servers, and the environment to develop new simulators as well as run existing simulators. The simulators available and in common use are the process simulators SUPREM and STEPS (developed at IIT Bombay), the device simulators ISE-TCAD, MINIMOS, Avant! tools from Synopsis, PISCES, GENSIM, BIPOLE and DESIRE (a radiation effects simulator developed at IIT Bombay), circuit simulators SPICE and BITSIM (developed at IIT Bombay), the reliability tool BERT, logic and timing simulator IRSIM and VHDL based design synthesis & analysis tools ALLIANCE. We also have the Intel Microelectronics Laboratory, set up with an equipment grant from Intel, which has high-end Pentium-based workstations for simulation and design applications.