The group has excellent research facilities for carrying out advanced research. Some of the existing facilities in the group include a full CMOS line with electron-beam-lithography facility, a wide ....  



      The well-equipped characterization laboratories in the Microelectronics Group possess a complete range of automated equipment for electrical characterization of MOS capacitors, MOS and bipolar transistors, and analog and digital circuits. Most of the measurement set-ups are configured around PCs with software developed in-house for versatility and upgradability. The major equipment available include:

1. Capacitance meters, bridges and plotters
2. Electrometers & picoammeters
3. Source-measure units and scanners
4. Current source
5. Scopes, signal analyzers, pulse & function generators, etc.
6. Automatic and manual probers
7. Several PCs and instrument controllers
8. Photoluminescence setup
9. SEM with probing station

Several set-ups which allow routine as well as specialized measurements include:

1. High-, low- and combined high-low frequency C-V measurements
2. High-field stressing of MOS and bipolar devices
3. Avalanche injection measurements
4. Bias-temperature and triangular voltage sweep (TVS) measurements
6. I-V measurements of MOS and bipolar devices
7. Charge pumping measurements, including defect profiling
8. Hot-carrier measurements
9. Gate transfer and delay characteristics
10. Electron-beam induced currents (EBIC) and voltage contrast