Subhananda Chakrabarti


Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay



1. SYSTEM AND METHOD OPTIMIZING SURFACE PARAMETERS FOR A SUBSTRATE WITH THIN FILM COATINGS, Bangera Ankitha Eleanora, Appaiah Kumar, Chakrabarti Subhananda, Patent No. IN201821032983A, Published 2020-03-06.


2. METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING TYPE OF TEA SAMPLE BASED ON QUANTUM YIELD, Chakrabarti Subhananda, Pal Samir Kumar, Midya Suman, Bhattacharya Sudeshna Shyam Choudhury, Patent No. IN201721014138A, Published 2018-10-26.


3. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST ON BIO-TEMPLATED NANOSENSOR FOR MERCURY DETECTION IN PPB LEVEL, Chakrabarti Subhananda, Pal Samir Kumar, Polley Nabarun, Sarkar Probir Kumar, Lemmens Peter, Patent No. IN201621004916A, Published 2017-08-18.


4. Ultrasensitive fluorescence based efficient mercury sensor (2016); Subhananda Chakrabarti, Samir Kumar Pal, Probir Kumar Sarkar, Nabarun Polley and Peter Lemmens; Indian patent Application No. IN201621005597A, Published 2017-08-18.


5. ZnMgO nanorods by hydrothermal bath treatment for optoelectronic and electronic device applications (2016); Hemant Ghadi, sushil Pandey, Harshal Rawool and Subhananda Chakrabarti; Indian patent Application No. IN201621007211A, Published 2017-09-08.


6. AuGe surface plasmons for enhancing performance of optoelectronic materials and devices (2016); Sushil Pandey, Hemant Ghadi, Punam Murkute and Subhananda Chakrabarti; Indian patent Application No. IN201621007212A. Published 2017-09-08.


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