Three day workshop on metro operations management

Date: 21st to 23rd March, 2023

In-Person only, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai
Narayan Rangaraj, Amit K. Jain, Sharat Sharma (online), Vivek Kant, Ravi Gadepalli, Oded Cats (online), Samay P. Singh, Husna Banu, Karthik Goud, Madhu N. Belur.
Target audience:
Senior personnel from operations departments of various Metro-Rail organizations across various cities of India.

For further-details: belur[AT] and/or narayan.rangaraj[AT]

Session-wise, speaker and pdf-files
Day Session-title Speaker Link
21st-Mar Introduction of participants and speakers    
21st-Mar Overview of workshop and introduction talk Narayan Rangaraj pdf-filed1s1
21st-Mar Challenges in metro-rail timetabling Narayan Rangaraj pdf-filed1s2
21st-Mar Clustering techniques Karim Shahbaz pdf-filed1s3
21st Mar Multi modal integration Ravi Gadepalli pdf-filed1s4
21st Mar Examples of analysis tools and congestion analysis Palkesh pdf-filed1s5
22nd Mar Demand Analysis Amit Kumar Jain pdf-filed2s1
22nd Mar Ticketing data analysis Ravi Gadepalli pdf-filed2s3
22nd Mar Congestion analysis Rajesh and Sai Krishna pdf-filed2s4
22nd Mar Asset Management Amit Kumar Jain pdf-filed2s5
22nd Mar Onboard Rail Capacity Oded Cats pdf-filed2s6
22nd Mar Loco-management in ghat-sections Kritika Karwasra pdf-filed2s7
22nd Mar Crew Scheduling Naman Kasliwal pdf-filed2s8
23rd Mar Demo of line-planning tool Samay/Husna/Karthik pdf-filed3s1
23rd Mar Energy Management Sharat Sharma pdf-filed3s2
23rd Mar Metro-timetabling tool: challenges Samay Pritam Singh pdf-filed3s3
23rd Mar Short-turn decision related papers and Python program running: google colab: demo Sameer Narayan Husna/Karthik pdf-filed3s4
23rd Mar Human factors in rail sector and some case studies Vivek Kant pdf-filed3s5
23rd Mar Path ahead for automation tool development Madhu N Belur pdf-filed3s6

Last modified: 25th March 2023