Current and Former Students


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Current Students


Post Doctoral Fellows/ Research Scientists



Vishwas PATIL | Senior Scientist | PhD | Indian Institute of Technology  Bombay, Mumbai | IIT Bombay | Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Vishwas Patil, Ph.D (Italy)

Research: Information system security, Blockchain technology


Ph.D Students




Suryakant Toraskar

Ph.D, EE

Research: Low power computer architecture, Microarchitecture for Machine Learning




Jaidev Shenoy

Ph.D, EE

(Currently with Marvel, Bangalore)

Research: Online fault diagnosis





Rohini Gulve

Ph.D, EE

(currently with Synopsys)

Research: Power modeling, Low Power Test, Test Architectures




Rajkumar Choudhary

Ph.D, EE

Research: High Performance Computer Micro-architecture, low power microarchitectures






Ph.D, EE

(Joint degree student with NUS, Singapore)

Co-supervisor: Prof. Trevor Carlson, NUS

Research: Memory Architecture, Prefetchers, GP-GPU

Thesis: Improving Performance of Modern Memory Subsystem

(Presynopsis seminar delivered - submitting thesis soon)




Nirmal Kumar Boran


Co-supervisor: Prof. Bernard Menezes, CSE

Research: Heterogeneous ISA multicore architectures

Thesis: Architecting high performance, energy efficient & secured multi-core systems

(Thesis submitted)



Antara Ganguly

Ph.D, EE

(Currently with AMD)

Research: Memory architecture, NoC, Near Data Processing





Avinash Kumar


Co-supervisor: Prof. Supratim Biswas, CSE

Research: Compiler support for high performance low power architectures



Varun Venkitaraman

Ph.D, EE

Research: High Performance Computer Architecture, energy efficient memory systems, scheduling in GPGPU



Raghunandan K K

Ph.D, EE

(Currently with ISRO, Bangalore)

Research: Reliable GPGPU Architectures



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:virendra:Desktop:servlets.displayImage.jpeg



Sonali Shukla

Ph.D, EE

Research: Secure designs, hardware security




Tejeshwar Thorawade

Ph.D, EE

Research: Computer Architecture




Yogesh Gholap

Ph.D, EE

Research: Secure Cyber Physical Systems



Prokash Ghosh

Ph.D, EE

Research: Hardware Security



M.Tech Students




Ashok Sathyan

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Energy efficient microarchitectures


Kailash Ahirwar

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Secure test architecture





Jay Adhaduk

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Design Validation



Sidharth Unni

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Low power test architectures




Atul Kumar Bhosale

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Low power test




Anushree Pendharkar

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Computer architecture




Akshay Kumar Jaiswal

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Physically unclonable functions




Udal Singh

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Memory sub system



Abhijit Divekar

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Memory sub system




Swapniel Singh Thakur

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Computer Architecture, Memory coherency/consistency




Rushikesh Shinde

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Processor Verification




Abhinish Anand

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Computer Architecture




Charu Saini

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Computer Architecture




Arindam Sarkar

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Computer Architecture, Memory sub system




Abhishek Kumar

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Computer Architecture, Memory sub system




Shikha Das

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Cyber Physical Systems




Neelam Sharma

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Cyber Physical Systems




Soumyajoti Paul

M.Tech, EE (ES)

Research: Cyber Physical Systems




Barkha Nagpal

M.Tech, EE (Micro)

Research: Computer Architecture


Vinod Guna

M.Tech, EE (Micro)



Dual Degree Students



Meet Udeshi

DD (Microelectronics)

Research: Secure architectures, heterogeneous ISA microarchitectures



Ayush Agrawal

DD (Microelectronics)

Research: GP-GPU microarchitectures




Saurabh Gangurde

DD (Microelectronics)

Research: Near Data Processing





Himanshu Garg

DD (Microelectronics)

Research: Near Data Processing




Mrunmayee Gaikwad

DD (Microelectronics)

Research: Low power micro-architectures



Aditya Tapase

DD (Microelectronics)

Research: Computer Architecture



Lakshay Bandhu

DD (Microelectronics)



B.Tech students



Namrata Mantri

B.Tech, EE

Research: Secure Architectures



Simi Karan

B.Tech, EE

Research: Network-on-Chip Architecture




Vishnuvardhan Kavali

B.Tech, EE

Research: Computer Architecture



Harshit Moondra

B.Tech, EE

Research: Computer Architecture



Chinmay Kumar Sahoo

B.Tech, EE

Research: Secure Microarchitectures



Krish Mehta

B.Tech, EE

Research: Validation


Research Students



Eswar Bavineni, B.Tech, EE

Research Associate

Research: Heterogeneous ISA dynamic-core microarchitecture




Former Students



Ph.D from IISc/IITB




Prof. Jaynarayan Tudu, Ph.D (CSA, IISc)

Assistant Professor at IIT Tirupati

Research: Low Power Test, Test Architectures, Computer Architecture

Thesis (Ph.D): Power issues in SoCs: Power DFT architecture and power estimation

Thesis (M.Sc): Low power test methodology for SoCs: Solution for peak power minimization




Prof. Toral Shah, Ph.D (EE, IITB)

Assistant Professor at NMIMS

Research: VLSI Testing, digital design

Thesis: Fully testable circuit synthesis for delay and multiple stuck-at fault test



Dr. Ankush Srivastava, Ph.D (EE, IITB)

(Currently with Qualcomm, India)

Research: Performance oriented fault modeling and test

Thesis: Testability issues in deep submicron technology: A new test methodology for small delay defect test




Prof. Shoba Gopalkrishnan, Ph.D (EE, IITB)

Assistant Professor at MITS

Research: Computer Architecture

Thesis: Low overhead fault tolerant architecture for future microprocessors



Prof. Satyadev Ahlawat, Ph.D (EE, IITB)

Assistant Professor, IIT Jammu

Research: VLSI Testing, Diagnosis, Secure system design, Secure scan

Thesis: Security and Testability Issues in Modern VLSI Chips



Prof. Binod Kumar, Ph.D, (EE, IITB)

Assistant Professor at IIT Jodhpur

Research: Post Silicon Validation, Formal Verification

Thesis: Effective Techniques for Post-Silicon Validation and Debug




Dr. Nihar Hage Ph.D(EE, IITB)

(Currently with Synopsys)

Research: VLSI Testing

Thesis: Instruction-Based Self-Test for In-field Testing




Dr. Vineesh V.S, Ph.D(EE, IITB)

(Currently with Intel)

Research: Design validation and debug

Thesis: New paradigms in Functional Verification and Test



Ph.Ds from other Institutes as Co-supervisor



Description: Macintosh HD:Users:virendra:Desktop:naveen.jpg

Prof. Naveen Chaudhary - Ph.D (CSE, MNIT Jaipur) with Prof. MS Gaur

Currently Professor & Head CSE at Maharana Pratap University, Udaipur




Prof. Indira Rawat- Ph.D (ECE, MANIT Bhopal)

with Prof. MK Gupta

Currently Associate Professor at Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer




Post Doctoral Fellows:

1.   Dr. Jaynarayan Tudu, Ph.D (CSA, IISc): Currently Assistant Professor at IIT Tirupati

2.   Dr. Neeraj Panwar, Ph.D (EE, IITB): Currently with Micron Technology

3.   Dr. Winnie Thomas, Ph.D (EE, VJTI): Currently with Aira Matrix

4.   Dr. Satyadev Ahlawat, Ph.D (EE, IITB): Currently Assistant Professor at IIT Jammu

5.   Dr. Chandramani Chaudhary, Ph.D (CSE, BITS Pilani): Currently Assistant Professor at NIT Trichy

6.   Chandan Kumar Jha, Ph.D (EE, IIT Gandhi Nagar)





1.   Darshit Vaghani (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

2.   Ankit Jindal (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

3.   Boda Nehru (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

4.   Pranali Pandit (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

5.   Nidhi Singh (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

6.   Prachi Sahu (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

7.   Srajan Khare (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

8.   Visesh G (M.Tech - EE, 2018)

9.   Mohit Chhabra (M.Tech - EE, 2017) -

10.                 Suhit Pai (M.Tech - EE, 2017)

11.                 Sujit Kumar Mahto (M.Tech - EE, 2017)

12.                 Anshu Goel (M.Tech - EE, 2017)

13.                 Neha (M.Tech - EE, 2017)

14.                 Parbhat Kangra (M.Tech - EE, 2017)

15.                 Zeal Seth (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

16.                 Abhishek Rajgadia (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

17.                 Monika Sahay (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

18.                 Renju Boben (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

19.                 Akshay Hindole (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

20.                 Nirmesh Gupta (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

21.                 Avishkar Palegar (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

22.                 Aeshwar Tyagi (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

23.                 Talasu Navneeth (M.Tech - EE, 2016)

24.                 Arpan Kumar (M.Tech - CSE, 2016)

25.                 Rameshwar Meghwal (M.Tech - CSE, 2016)

26.                 Priyanka Bamne (M.Tech - CSE, 2016)

27.                 Sreejith K.M. (M.Tech – EE, 2015): with Qualcomm, Chennai

28.                 Nitant Singh Chouhan (M.Tech – EE, 2015): with ARM Technologies, Bangalore

29.                 Alok Malakar (M.Tech–EE, 2015): with Cognizant Technologies, Bangalore

30.                 Parth Lathigara (M.Tech – EE, 2015): with Intel, Bangalore

31.                 Adithyalal P.M. (M.Tech – EE, 2015):

32.                 Praveen Singaria (M.Tech - EE, 2015):

33.                 Mahendra Bhaskar (M.Tech - EE, 2015):

34.                 Karthik Balasubramanian (M.Tech – EE, 2015): with Indian Air Force

35.                 Sandipan Haldar (M.Tech – EE, 2014):

36.                 Prashant Kumar Singh (M.Tech – EE, 2014): currently with TSMC, Taiwan

37.                 Nikhil Malhotra (M.Tech – EE, 2014): with VSSC, ISRO, Trivandrum

38.                 Lijaddis Getnet (M.Tech – EE, 2014):

39.                 Nahit Pawar (M.Tech – EE, 2014) jointly with Prof. Madhu Belur

40.                 Lorin Ahmed (M.Tech – CSE, 2014): currently with Microsoft, Hyderabad

41.                 Abhimanyu Khosla (M.Tech – CSE, 2014): currently with Oracle, Hyderabad

42.                 Ashish Agrawal (M.Tech – CSE, 2014): currently with Myntra, Bangalore

43.                 Pavan Tohare (M.Tech – CSE, 2014):

44.                 Pranay Kumar (M.Tech – EE, 2013): with Cognizant Technologies, Gurgaon


Dual Degree

1.   Harideep Nair (DD – Micro, 2018): Currently MS student at CMU

2.   Subhankit Rathore (DD – Micro, 2018): Currently with Samsung R&D

3.   Ramateja Gampa (DD – Micro, 2018)

4.   Jainesh Doshi (DD - Micro, 2017)

5.   Rishabh Rawat (DD - Micro, 2017)

6.   Dinesh Yadav (DD - Micro, 2017)

7.   Rajkumar Meena (DD – Micro, EE, 2015)

8.   Nitesh Ramesh Narayan Singh (DD – Micro, EE, 2015): currently with Citi Bank, Mumbai

9.   Vijay Suthar (DD-Micro, EE, 2015)

10.                 Tejas Nikumbh (DD-Micro, EE, 2015): currently with

11.                 Virat Shejwalkar (DD-Micro, EE, 2015)

12.                 Hemant Ranvir (DD-Micro, 2014, EE): currently with Sony, Japan

13.                 Mohit Sadayet (DD-Micro, 2014, EE): currently with Samsung, Bangalore

14.                 Akshat Kharaya (DD-Micro, EE, 2014):

15.                 Saurabh Ameta (DD-CSP, EE, 2014)



1.   Eswar Bavineni (B.Tech-EE, 2018) – currently Research Associate at IIT Bombay

2.   Shyama Ramamoorthy (B.Tech-EE, 2018)

3.   Dipti Ranjan Sahu (B.Tech-EE, 2018)

4.   Rishabh Iyer (B.Tech-EE, 2017) – currently Ph.D student at EPFL

5.   Raunak Suryavanshi (B.Tech-EE, 2017)

6.   Yash Malaviya (B.Tech-EE, 2016)

7.   Aayush Chaudhary (B.Tech-EE, 2016)

8.   Tamil Arasu (B.Tech-EE, 2016)

9.   Ishan Deshpande (B.Tech-EE, 2015): currently MS student at UIUC

10.                 Nithin Nithipudi (B.Tech-EE, 2015)

11.                 Apurv Narkhede (B.Tech-EE, 2015)

12.                 Kedas Satishwar (B.Tech-EE, 2015): currently with IIM Ahmedabad

13.                 Nehal Bhandari (B.Tech-EE, 2015): currently MS student at Stanford Univ.

14.                 Archit Gupta (B.Tech-EE, 2015): currently Ph.D student at UC Berkeley

15.                 Abhishek Sharma (B.Tech – EE, 2014): currently with UIUC as MS student

16.                 Anil Reddy Beereddy (B.Tech – EE, 2014)

17.                 Anurag Reddy Mukkara (B.Tech – EE, 2014): currently with MIT as Ph.D student

18.                 Chakradhar Mudium (B.Tech – EE, 2014): currently with UIUC as MS student

19.                 Dinesh Vaddepally (B.Tech – EE, 2014)

20.                 Kulshreshth Dhiman (B.Tech – EE, 2014)

21.                 Amit Yadav (B.Tech - EE, 2013): with National Instruments, Bangalore

45.                 Ankit Khandelwal (B.Tech - EE, 2013): with IIM Calcutta

22.                 Stuti Varma (B.Tech - EE, 2013): with IIM Calcutta

23.                 Swapanil Thombare (B.Tech - EE, 2013)


From IISc

  1. Pramod Subramanyan - M.Sc. (Engg., 2010): Currently Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur
  2. Pawan Kumar (with Prof. N. Balakrishnan, 2011) - M.Sc (Engg.): with Broadcom, Bangalore
  3. V. Prasanth - M.Sc (Engg, 2011): with Texas Instrument, Bangalore
  4. Naveen Kumar - ME (Microelectronics, 2011): with BEL Research Lab., Bangalore
  5. Abdul Razzaq - ME (Microelectronics, 2011) with nVIDIA, Bangalore
  6. K. Poornateja - ME (Microelectronics, 2011): with PMC Sierra, Bangalore
  7. Arjun Chiluka - ME (Microelectroncs, 2010)
  8. Vinutha Konandur - ME (Microelectronics, 2010): with Maxim, Bangalore

10.                 Vichatra Pandit - ME (Microelectronics, 2012)

11.                 S. Sreekar - ME (Microelectronics, 2012): with nVIDIA, Bangalore

12.                 Mohammad Shayan - ME (Microelectronics, 2012): with Intel, Bangalore

13.                 Rooparam Choudhary – M.Tech (Computational Science, 2012): with Amazon, Hyderabad