EE302 Control Systems (Spring 2022)



Instructor: Dr. Debraj Chakraborty


Office: New office complex next to PC Lab, 1st floor, EE

Lecture Hours: Slot 3

Venue: Google Classroom: Code - qntu6tf



Teaching Assistants (Email) 


Prerequisite: Signals and Systems


·       Control System/Feedback Examples

·       Modelling

·       transfer function,

·       state space, interconnection with transfer function

·       Block diagrams, signal flow graphs, similarity transforms

·       Transient Response Analysis

·       Stability

·       Steady state errors

·       Root Locus, design

·       Bode and Nyquist plots, design

·      State space design

Text Book

1.     Norman S. Nise, “Control Systems Engineering”, Wiley India, Student Edition (Fifth), 2009 ----Every student is required to have access to a copy (or pdf).

2.     Lecture Notes based on (1) above, are provided below.

Reference Books

  1. Richard Dorf and Robert Bishop, “Modern Control Systems”, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008

2.     Gene F. Franklin, J. Davis Powell, Abbas F. Emami-Naeini, Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, Pearson, 2018.


Online Instruction Format

2-2.5 hours of pre-recorded video lecture per week with 30-60 min of live interaction for each student.


80% attendance in live interaction compulsory.


Homework Assignments (4-6): 10%

Quizzes (3): 30%

Mid sem: 20%

End-Sem: 40%


Old Lecture Notes ( will be updated continuously)

·       Introduction: Lecture + Slides.

·       Transfer Function Modeling: Lecture

·       State Space Modeling: Lectures: Part1+Part 2

·       Transient Response:

1.     Lecture Notes

2.     Link for pzgui (Pole Zero simulator used in class) on Dr Mark A. Hopkins’ webpage

3.     Simulations First Order, Second Order (“Save target as” and then open in MATLAB)

·       Equivalent Systems: Lectures

·       Stability: Lectures

·       Steady State Errors: Lectures

·       Root-Locus: Lectures

·       Compensation Design with Root Locus: Lectures

·       Bode Plots+Nyquist Diagrams: Lectures

·       State Feedback: Lectures

·       Compensation Design with Bode Plots (Prelim): Lectures

Homework Assignments

Solutions for Quizzes and Exams