Seminars & Events
    • M.Tech. Admission Autumn 2020
    • 1.Here is the list of candidates shortlisted for the M.Tech. Admissions Autumn 2020 and the shortlisting criteria is here. M.Tech. 2020 admissions portal is here.
      2. A subset of the shortlisted candidates will be called for online interviews. Dates for the interviews will be 17th July 2020 for IS/PS/SW/IIT B.Tech. categories and 20th-21st July 2020 for Institute RA / Project RA categories. Please note the change from the tentative dates announced earlier. Detailed instructions for the online interview will be communicated shortly to the shortlisted candidates via email.
    • Ph.D. Admission Autumn 2020
    • 1. List of candidates shortlisted for the Preliminary stage of Ph.D. Admission Autumn 2020. Here are the shortlisting criteria for the same.
      2. 6th July 2020: Final shortlisting of candidates has been done. The list of candidates shortlisted is here. The shortlisted candidates have to fill the form here by 9th July 2020.
      3. 9th July 2020: Detailed instructions about online interviews have been communicated to the shortlisted candidates.
      4. 12-15 July 2020: Online interviews.
      5. This time, due to limitations caused by Covid-19, admission will be conducted only in the TA/TAP/RA/RAP/FA/IS categories.
      6. For all other categories, no admission will be offered this time. The applicants will be considered in the next admission session.
    • First completely Indian general purpose 32-bit processor
    • Congratulations to Prof. Madhav Desai and his team who have developed the first completely Indian general purpose 32-bit processor. The design tools used were also completely developed at IIT Bombay