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Communication and Signal Processing

Communication and Signal Processing

The Group, consisting of 16 faculty members, actively pursues various research areas: Wireless Communication, Microwave RF, Antenna, Signal Processing, Fiber Optics and Photonics, Communication Networks, Computer Vision, Media processing, Image Processing. Our major research labs are Antennas and Microwave Laboratory, Bharti Centre for Communication, Communications Laboratory and Digital Audio Processing Laboratory, Information Networks Laboratory, Tata Teleservices – IIT Bombay Center for Excellence in Telecommunication.

Associated Faculty Members

Associated Research Labs


PC Lab provides general computing facilities to students of Electrical Engineering and Reliability Engineering. Both Windows and Linux machines are present in the lab. In addition, a load-balanced server (Rudra) is available for heavier computational use. Software packages like MATLAB, Lyx, Scilab, Spice, Ansys, Sequel, Grace, etc. are installed on Rudra. You can use them for your (academic) work. Standard Linux/unix packages, such as LaTeX, mysql, etc are also available. In addition to Rudra Pclab also provides mail service with a central storage of 500MB to all students and faculty of the department. Team of System Adminstrators provide the tech-end support to the department. All the network infrastructure in the department is maintained the team.
The link for PCLAB website is here

Associated Faculty Members

Jayakrishnan U Nair

People in the Medical Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Lab (MeDAL) work largely on artificial intelligence, deep learning, medical image analysis, chemical reaction networks. The lab is equipped with GPU-based computers.

Research Areas/Publications
Deep learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, image processing, medical image analysis, genomic data analysis, and chemical reaction networks.

Resources and Facilities
GPU-computing with Nvidia Titan XP, Nvidia 1080 Ti.

List of associated students
Research scholars: Deepak Anand, Abhishek Behera, Nikhil Cherian, Abhijeet Patil, Sahar Almahfouz Nasser, Bibin Wilson

Related Specialization and Courses
Specialization : Communication and Signal Processing
Courses: EE 610 EE 769 EE 782

Contact Details
Email address : asethi@ee.iitb.ac.in
Address : First floor (East side), Main Building, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Phone Number : +91-22-2576-4496

Associated Faculty Members

Amit Sethi

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aiCAS lab was established in 2018. Research at the aiCAS lab focuses on high-performance Analog, RF, Digital, Mixed-signal ICs, and Embedded Systems design. State-of-the-art hardware and software tools are available to develop integrated circuits using RF-Analog and Digital design flow. The lab has high-end measurement instruments required for the post-silicon validation of ICs.

Research Areas

• Radio Frequency Receiver Front-end ICs
• High performance data converters
• mm-Wave Transceiver Circuits
• Wireless Power and Data Transfer Chip for Healthcare Implants
• Phased-Array Receiver for 5G Communications
• AI/ML assisted Analog Circuit Design
• A Contact-less, Fast Body Temperature Imaging Device
• Streaming Analytics over Temporal Variables for Air quality Monitoring

Resources and Facilities

• CAD tools required for the design of Analog, RF, Mixed-signal and digital ICs.
• Post-silicon IC performance evaluation equipment.
• FPGAs for the development and verification of the digital ICs.
• Development boards for Embedded system design.
• Soldering Station for PCB assembly.

Related Specialization and Courses
Specialization : Communication and Signal Processing, Electronic SystemsIntegrated circuit and Systems

Acknowledgments and Support

• MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology), Gov. of India.
• DST (Department of Science and Technology), Gov. of India.
• Ministry of Science and Technology, Gov. of India.
• Wadhwani Research Centre for Bioengineering (WRCB), IIT Bombay.
• IITB-OSU Frontier Center.


Associated students

Contact Details
Email address : shilparajesh@iitb.ac.in
Address : First Floor, Main Building, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Phone Number : +91-22-2576-4406

Associated Faculty Members

Rajesh H. Zele


The research carried out in the Stochastic Systems Laboratory focuses on modelling, algorithm design, and performance evaluation issues in networks, online learning systems, and smart power grids. Our research uses tools from applied probability, data science, optimization, control theory and game theory.
Recent projects include:

  • Cache management in content delivery networks
  • Algorithms for information-centric networking
  • Online learning in high-risk environments
  • Control of opinion dynamics in social networks
  • Sizing of storage for power grids with renewable generation

Associated Faculty Members

Jayakrishnan U Nair Nikhil Karamchandani Sharayu Moharir

Microwave Lab is involved in research work in the area of RF Systems, Electromagnetic Waves and Antenna design. Primarily research work is being done in different fields like Micro-strip Antenna, Microwave Integrated Circuits and Broadband Antennas.

  • HP 8753A Network Analyzer
  • Microwave Sources
  • Microwave Frequency Counter and Power Meter
  • Radiation Pattern Measurement System
  • Arbitrary Function Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
    Computational Facilities:
  • IE3D 12.0 from Zeland Software
  • FIDELITY from Zeland Software
  • PUFF
  • P4 & Intel Core2Duo Processor based PCs

Associated Faculty Members

Girish Kumar

The work in the Networking lab deals with the theoretical aspects of queuing theory, sensor networks, applications of stochastic approximation, software routing etc.

Associated Faculty Members

D. Manjunath

Tata Teleservices IITB Center of Excellence in Telecommunications (TICET) came into existence on 12th December 2007 with the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai and Tata Teleservices Ltd., during the inauguration ceremony of India Telecom 2007, presided over by the Honorable Prime Minister of India. TICET and other Telecom Center Of Excellence (TCOEs) have been created to meet the broad objectives of capacity building, impetus to all round growth of Telecom industry including manufacturing through application research and to serve as think tank to the Government and Industry decision makers. Tata Teleservices Ltd. is the principle sponsor of TICET. It was the first to launch CDMA mobile services in India. Tata Teleservices has established a robust and reliable telecom infrastructure that ensures high quality services in the country. IIT Bombay, established in 1958, is the second-oldest institute of the IIT system. The Institute provides quality education, conducts original research of the highest standard and provides leadership in technological innovation for the industrial growth of the country. IIT Bombay has contributed immensely to the cause of nation building and its faculty members and alumni have distinguished themselves in their fields of expertise. For more details click on http://ticet.iitb.ac.in/ticet/home.html

Associated Faculty Members

Abhay Karandikar Prasanna Chaporkar

The Signal Processing and Instrumentation lab focuses on research in the areas of speech and signal processing, biomedical signal processing & instrumentation, electronic instrumentation, and embedded system design. The following is a list of research problems being tackled by students in the lab. Vocal tract shape estimation from speech signal, Enhancement of electrolaryngeal speech using spectral subtraction, Multi-band frequency compression for hearing-impaired, Speech enhancement by modification of stop consonant landmarks, Speech transformation using multivariate polynomial modeling, Cardiac output monitoring using impedance cardiography, Diagnostic information from impedance cardiography.

Associated Faculty Members

Prem C. Pandey

The Communication Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay is led by Prof. Girish P Saraph. The research activity focuses on: Communication networks, RF electronics and wireless communication, High power microwave sources and radar, Fiber optics and optical communication. The Communication Engineering (CE) Lab for the course EE-455 is held here.

Associated Faculty Members

Saravanan Vijayakumaran Girish P. Saraph

The Digital Audio Processing Lab is a signal processing research facility dedicated to speech and audio applications. Research projects involving Ph.D. and M.Tech. students include music content analysis and retrieval, speech prosody for language learning, speech enhancement and recognition. The lab is equipped with computers, GPU servers, recording and listening equipment. The interdisciplinary flavour of several of the projects has stimulated many interactions with musicians, musicologists and language experts. Further, audio IP developed in the lab has been incorporated into a few products and services for the entertainment industry.
More information about the lab is available at DAP lab website

Research Areas/Publications
Audio Music Information Retrieval (MIR), Automating Spoken Language Assessment, Multi-channel Speech Enhancement

Resources and Facilities
GPU servers with NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti and GTX 1080, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB interface and microphone setup for audio dataset recordings, Microphone array with AKG C417PP lapel condenser microphones, M-AUDIO USB interface for multichannel audio recordings

Related Specialization and Courses
Specialization : Communication and Signal Processing
Courses : EE403 Digital Signal Processing EE679 Speech Processing EE443 Digital Signal Processing Lab

List of associated students
Current students:
Ph.D.: Sabu Kamini Munnalal, Nikhil M, Vinutha T.P.
M.Tech: Shreeharsha B S, M A Rohit, Sachin Nayak
Dual Degree: Aniruddha Deshpande, Krishna Subramani
Ph.D.: Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Shrikant Shankar Joshi, Joe Cheri Ross, Vaishali Patil, Veena Karjigi, Vishweshwara Rao, Patwardhan Pushkar P.
M.Tech & Dual Degree: Pratheek Suresh, Charvi Vitthal, Kanhaiya Nathani, Hitesh Tulsiani, Prakhar Swarup, George Jose, Shrikant Venkataramani, Amruta Vidwans, Mayur Jagtap, Prateek Verma, Parvathy Chandran, Harikrishnan P, Pranav Jawale, Arpita Agrawal, Rutika Maheshwari, K. L. Srinivas, Rohan Shah, Nikhil Bhave, Chitralekha Gupta, Kini Sujeet, Pant Sachin, Chandrayan Kedar, Sengupta Dipti, Pradeep Gaddipati, Belle Shreyas R., Dave Nipun, Motamarri Deepak, Santosh N., Patel Bhavik Rajnikant, Sarda Swapnil, Tamrakar Neelesh Kumar, Savitha S., Ramakrishnan S., Kartik S. Vijay, Hariharan Subramanian, Siva Kumar R., Singh Om Prakash, Thapliyal Sunil, Ram Singh, Pavan Kumar K., Agarwal Ankush, Bapat Ashutosh Vishwas, Bhargava Rishabh, Vaity Chetan J., Kesarkar Manish P., Shah Dhaval, Manohar K., Shandilya Saurabh Kumar, Patel Ritesh J., Santosh Gupta, G. Moharir, M. A. Raju, Kulshrestha Peeyush, Bajpai Satyarth, A.K. Malot

Contact Details
Email address : prao@ee.iitb.ac.in
Address : EE 119, First Floor, Old EE Building, Department of Electrical Engineering
Phone Number : +91-22-2576-4670

Associated Faculty Members

Preeti Rao

The Fiber Optics Laboratory is involved in research on optical communication, networking and sensor applications. The capabilities include testbeds for optical fiber links and high speed optical communication systems.

Research Areas/Publications
Optical communication, Optical sensors

Resources and Facilities
High speed data generators, oscilloscopes, lasers, photodetectors, optical fibers.

Related Specialization and Courses
Specialization : Communication and Signal Processing
Courses : EE606: Optical fiber communications EE703: Digital Message Transmission

Contact Details
Email address : akumar@ee.iitb.ac.in, jjohn@ee.iitb.ac.in
Address : Second Floor, Main Building, Department of Electrical Engineering.
Phone Number : +91-22-2576-4495

Associated Faculty Members

Kumar Appaiah Joseph John

The Bharti Center for Communication is a centre to generate fundamental knowledge in telecommunication and allied systems. The Vision of the centre is to be an internationally recognised contributor in moving the frontiers of knowledge through research and education, to keep technology practise in focus & to educate for innovation and leadership.

Associated Faculty Members

D. Manjunath Bikash Kumar Dey

Vision and Image Processing Lab is a research facility in the Electrical Department dedicated to haptics, computer vision and image processing applications. Research activities include the following topics

1) Haptics
2) Motion analysis and tracking
3) Gesture analysis
4) Data clustering and pattern recognition
5) Recovery of depth from defocus (focus stereo)
6) Super-resolution imaging
7) Content-based image retrieval
8) Computational photography
9) Image Fusion
10) Biomedical Imaging
11) Image Restoration

For more info visit: Lab Home Page

Associated Faculty Members

Subhasis Chaudhuri Rajbabu Velmurugan Animesh Kumar

  • TI-DSP laboratory was set up in EE Department in June 1996 to serve the following important function:
    • To support DSP hands-on projects in the undergraduate level.
    • To conduct DSP lab for undergraduate students for better understanding of DSP concepts using DSP processors.
    • To support DSP Research and Development in the Postgraduate level.
    • Provide feasibility study on DSP projects
    • Equip with the latest DSP platforms and resources, all under one roof.

    Texas Instruments(TI) agreed to provide DSP specific hardware and software support while support for lab infrastructure comes from the institute and other sponsored projects.Apart from this, Research areas on which we are currently working on are following:

    • State of the art Video Coding Technology (AVC/H.264 & HEVC/H.265)
    • Scalable Video Coding
    • Wavelet-based Video Coding
    • Video Watermarking
    • Wavelet-based Image Coding
    • Multidimensional Multirate System
    • M-band non separable filter bank application in Volume Rendering
    • Image Processing
    • Applications of non separable wavelets
    • VLSI implementation of Wavelet based applications
    • Parameter Estimation of Chirp signals

    Lab is equipped with the following DSP hardware:

    • TMS320VC5510 - DSK board (Fixed-point Processor)
    • TMS320VC6713 - DSK board (Floating-point Processor)
    • TMS32054x - DSK board
    • TMDXVDP6437- Digital Video Developers Platform
    • TMDXEVM6467-DaVinci Board
    • TMS3205x - DSK kit
    • TMS32062xx/67xx - EVM board

    Lab courses conducted:

    • Undergraduate DSP lab(EE352)

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre Preeti Rao Rajbabu Velmurugan

The Information Networks Lab is a part of the Communications and Signal Processing group in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. The faculty members associated with the lab are Prof. Abhay Karandikar and Prof. Prasanna Chaporkar. The lab has undergraduate students, postgraduate students and project staff pursuing research in the following broad areas: - Cross Layer Design of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks - Cross Layer Design of IEEE 802.16 WiMax Networks - Quality of Service guarantees in Wireless Data Networks - MAC layer issues in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks - Base Station prototyping for WiMax - CDMA networks - Traffic Engineering (MPLS) - Performance Modeling and Simulation - Simulation of Queueing Systems - Stochastic Systems

Associated Faculty Members

Abhay Karandikar Prasanna Chaporkar

TA duty for Analog and Digital Labs conducted in WEL 1 and 2, Maintenance of Lab equipments.
The link for WEL Lab site is here.

Associated Faculty Members

Mahesh B. Patil


SPANN Laboratory is a research environment for Wireless Communications, Sensor Networks, Image Processing and Signal Processing domains. A team of around 40 people comprising of doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students from the fields of Electrical, Computer Science, School of Biosciences and Bioengineering, under the guidance of distinguished faculty of Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay; pursue a wide spectrum of research and development activities ranging from developing robust algorithms to software solutions and hardware realizations.

Associated Faculty Members

Shabbir Merchant

Ongoing Projects

Past Projects

IIT Bombay Research Park

Project Detail: Sponsored by MHRD, 2014-2019

Associated Faculty Members

Abhay Karandikar Swaroop Ganguly Saurabh Lodha
Research Projects

Project Detail: LSI sponsored research project in the area of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks.

Associated Faculty Members

Principal Investigator

Project Detail: LSI sponsored research project in the area of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Associated Faculty Members

High Voltage PIN Diodes for Phased Array Radar

Project Detail: High Voltage PIN Diodes for Phased Array Radar: Project sponsored by Dept. of Electronics through NRC for outlay of Rs. 18.0 Lakhs at TIFR. Principal Investigator was Dr.B.K.Sarkar however I was responsible for design and complete processing of PIN diodes for X-Band operation. Successfully fabricated 1800 - volt PIN diodes.

Associated Faculty Members

A. N. Chandorkar
Themes related to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and design aspects for DSP systems

Project Detail: Consulted Semiconductor Complex (SCL), Chandigarh, India

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Consultancy Projects

Project Detail: He has worked on several consultancy projects

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Wavelets in Transient Detection

Project Detail: Sponsored Project from Naval Research Board (NRB) with a total outlay of Rs. 20 lakhs. He was Principal Investigator from 1999 to 2002

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Discrete Wavelet Multitone Modulation (DWMT)

Project Detail: Sponsored Project from Central Research Laboratory (CRL), with a total outlay of Rs. 4 lakhs

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Data compression standards - MPEG

Project Detail: Sponsored by Silicon Automation Systems, Bangalore for a total amount of Rs. 12000/- in Dec. 1994

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Motion estimation techniques for video compression

Project Detail: Sponsored by Cirrus Logic, Pune from July Dec 1998, for a total amount of Rs. 50000/-

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Graduate Student Sponsored Projects as Principal Investigator from:

Project Detail:

  • Tata Infotech Ltd.
  • PACE Soft Silicon (four projects)
  • Cirrus Logic
  • Patni Computers (three projects)
  • Texas Instruments Ltd., Bangalore

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
Using wavelets in system identification, data representation and compression

Project Detail: Sponsored Project from A.I.C.T.E. with a total outlay of Rs.8 lakhs(1996-1999).

Associated Faculty Members

Vikram M. Gadre
D.T.S.R., Speech Enhancement and Coding at Low Bit-rates

Project Detail: Rs 90 K

Associated Faculty Members

Preeti Rao
Design and implementation of particle filter algorithms for underwater, multiple, and maneuvering target tracking

Project Detail: To design, implement, and characterize a particle filter algorithm for underwater, multiple, and maneuvering target tracking.

Associated Faculty Members

Rajbabu Velmurugan Subhasis Chaudhuri
Electronics design using DSP, FPGA, CPLD and Micro controllers through simulation and direct access of the hardware

Project Detail: MHRD sponsored project on developing simulation labs and experiments.

Associated Faculty Members

Sachin Patkar Rajbabu Velmurugan Mahesh B. Patil
National Programme on Perception Engineering

Project Detail: - Visual speech training aid for the hearing impaired - Speech processing for improving speech perception under adverse listening conditions - Binaural audio processing and presentation: Improving audio virtualization - Rendering and analysis of haptic signals - Anywhere projection for virtual reality

Associated Faculty Members

Prem C. Pandey Rajbabu Velmurugan Subhasis Chaudhuri Preeti Rao
Advanced restoration and super-resolution techniques for 3D fluorescence microscopy

Project Detail: To develop advanced restoration and signal processing techniques for improving the quality and resolution of fluorescence micrographs

Associated Faculty Members

Rajbabu Velmurugan Subhasis Chaudhuri
High Performance Computing using GPU, FPGA and Multicore Processors

Project Details: To explore possibilities of high performance computing in various fields like electrical engineering, chemical engineering and biophysics.

Associated Faculty Members

Sachin Patkar Saravanan Vijayakumaran Rajbabu Velmurugan D. K. Sharma
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The Electrical Engineering...
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IIT Bombay was established in the year 1957 and the department of Electrical Engineering (EE) has been one of its major departments since its inception.

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IIT Bombay was established in the year 1957 and the department of Electrical Engineering (EE) has been one of its major departments since its inception.

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IIT Bombay was established in the year 1957 and the department of Electrical Engineering (EE) has been one of its major departments since its inception.

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