CP-226: Computer Architecture


Semester: Jan - Apr 2013


Instructor: Virendra Singh


Class Timing: [5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Monday), 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Wednesday), 10:00 am -11:00 am (Friday)]





Class Schedule:


25 Jan

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

28 Jan

Computer Systems

Computer system fundamental

30 Jan

Historical events

Historical events in computer systems

01 Feb


Performance measurements

07 Feb


Instruction Set Architecture

08 Feb


Instruction Set Architecture

10 Feb

RISC Design-1

RISC Design: Single cycle implementation

11 Feb

RISC Design-2

RISC Design: Multi-cycle implementation

19 Feb

RISC Design -3

RISC Design: Performance enhancement, pipelining

20 Feb

RISC Design-4

Pipeline principles

22 Feb

RISC Design-5

Pipeline hazards

27 Feb

RISC Design-6

Pipeline hazards

06 Mar

RISC Design-7

Pipeline hazards

13 Mar

RISC Design-8

Performance evaluation and road ahead

15 Mar

Memory System-1

Memory System

16 Mar

Memory System-2

Memory Hierarchy Design: Caches

03 Apr

Memory System-3

Memory Hierarchy Design: Caches for pipelined processors

05 Apr

Memory System-4

Memory Hierarchy Design: Caches for pipelined processors

05 Apr

Memory System-5

Performance evaluation and enhancement

10 Apr

Memory System-6

Register file and virtual memory

12 Apr

Memory System-7

Virtual Memory

17 Apr

Memory System-8

Memory system summary

19 Apr

Beyond pipelining

Beyond pipelining: An introduction to superscalar architecture

23 Apr

IO Sysems-1

Input/Output systems: Disk

24 Apr

IO Systems-2

IO Systems interfacing