Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Postdoctoral researchers


The Electrical Engineering Department is one of the largest departments in the institute and also in the country. Currently there are about 1100 students enrolled in various academic programs, about 200 project employees in various sponsored projects, about 30 technical staff, 30 administrative staff and about 60 faculty members. In addition, many prominent researchers/teachers across the world hold visiting appointments in the department. The department, through the Electrical Engineering Students Association EESA, maintains regular contact with its alumni, many of whom are well-known and established in their careers across the world.

Publications and Patents

The department consistently publishes approximately 100 journal and 100 conference papers every year. Faculty members publish a number of text books and reference books with reputed international and national publishers. Frequently new ideas and techniques are patented, based on their research work.